#GenesisValidator [18]: COBINHOOD joins CyberMiles with two million CMTs

Vincent T.
Oct 8, 2018 · 4 min read

Like Huobi, COBINHOOD has been engaged in CyberMiles from the outset. For example, it listed the CyberMiles Token (CMT) right after the end of its own ICO. Today, we’re happy to announce that the Taiwanese exchange is planning to self-stake two million CMTs to run a Supernode on CyberMiles’ blockchain.

Currently COBINHOOD is one of the key players in the area of crypto exchanges, thanks to its specific approach to business. The first milestone of its success was to allow its users to trade with zero fees. As an ICO incubator for young blockchain projects, COBINHOOD offers services that include direct investment, promotional support, and a guarantee to have the particular token listed on its platform at the end of the ICO.

Slogan: Trusted long-time partner of CyberMiles: Shaping future economies through cryptocurrency and blockchain, together

Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Announced compensation rate: 60 percent*
Announced self-staked CyberMiles Tokens (CMT): two million*

*subject to adjustment

Promotion plan:

COBINHOOD, a cryptocurrency service platform for the blockchain era, is CyberMiles’ long-time partner since its ICO period.
COBINHOOD has a highly engaged community and hard-core supporters, and it is good at creating dynamic community activities and interaction. COBINHOOD will surely bring more attention and community engagements to the ecosystem of CyberMiles.

Meet the Team

Popo Chen, Co-founder of COBINHOOD and DEXON
Chen is a serial entrepreneur who earned a Master’s in Electrical Engineering at the age of only 22. He successfully launched and exited three companies already, including 17 Media — all of which are well-known across Asia.

As a seasoned programmer with the ability to design highly-scalable backend microservices, Chen with his team has developed COBINHOOD’s first product: a zero-trading fee cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange, with its proprietary order-matching engine can process millions of orders per second (and under sub-millisecond latency), is available on website and mobile apps. In 2018, the COBINHOOD team debuted DEXON, a new blockchain technology which uses parallel blockchain systems that work together to form an infinitely scalable, low-latency decentralized transaction processing engine.

Wei-Ning Huang, Co-founder & CTO
As the CTO of COBINHOOD and DEXON, Huang leads a team of engineers who built the COBINHOOD exchange from the ground up. Before that, he had two years of working experience at Google. Huang also is an active open-source contributor and has worked in the open-source space for more than seven years. He specializes in building large-scale web applications with demanding throughput and availability.

Jill Shih, CEO
Shih has more than 17 years of solid experience in product user experience, project management and development across Internet, mobile and software industries. Before COBINHOOD, she has built and managed cross-regional teams in Cheetah Mobile, Microsoft, NQ Mobile, and Trend Micro in China, Japan, and Taiwan. Prior to that, Shih had strong hands-on software development experience at Sprint in the U.S.

Hsiou (Sherwood) Hochen, VP of Business Development
Hochen sits at the helm of COBINHOOD’s business development division. His role as a pioneer in design thinking has been applied to building COBINHOOD’s various business units. Furthermore, Sherwood has helped countless companies adopt user-centric designs and succeed in innovation transformations. Prior to his position at COBINHOOD, he served at IBM as top sales.

Daniel Chang, CSO
Chang has been the mastermind behind the success of numerous ICOs, including COBINHOOD’s and CyberMiles’. He is a frequent speaker/panelist in ICO, cryptocurrency and blockchain conferences worldwide, with an expertise in breaking down business models, token economics, and market trends. Chang often is consulted internationally on the future of exchanges, ICO fundraising landscape, and cryptocurrency regulations.

While CyberMiles’ MainNet is in the home stretch before its official release, there’s still room for new Supernode candidates. Want to be part of the future of e-commerce and a growing ecosystem? Join us now!

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