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Note: Not promoting or affiliated with any political campaigns nor a legal expert with regulations. Discussion is for consumer knowledge. Errors will be corrected if notified.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) rolled out in Jan 2020. Its intentions are the right to know, right to say no, and rights to protections for consumers in the state of California or companies holding Californians personal data. It enhances privacy rights and consumer protection from other regulatory laws within the US and bringing accountability on corporates on what they do with consumer data.

In Nov 2020 there will be a vote on Prop 24 would broaden California Consumer Privacy Act in several ways. It adds layers to data protection such as sharing personal and using information. Also, penalty changes may “eliminate the 30-day window that companies now have to correct problems before the attorney general can take them to court.” There are pros and cons to groups that endorse and oppose it. Pros are obviously protections for the people and making companies accountable. The layers of protection limit how our data are used, stored and managed if companies decide to profit from it similar to the GDPR regulations from the European nations.

Cons from a nonprofit consumer protection advocacy group states it should be opposed. The reason was “Prop 24 would allow businesses to create new ‘pay for privacy’ schemes. Tech companies could downgrade service to those who cannot or will not pay an extra fee. This is unfair to low-income consumers, seniors and people of color who are already struggling to afford essential high-speed internet connections while enduring a pandemic and massive unemployment” from said Linda Sherry of Consumer Action. Agree, that it could have a consumer impact and maybe even on impact innovation and business. Not everyone can afford to pay for privacy schemes but shouldn’t privacy rights be a fundamental right? From a consumer, standpoint should prop 24 be passed? Thoughts?




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