Industry Partnership Pilot Program for Cybersecurity Factory 2016

As we are preparing to open applications for Cybersecurity Factory 2016, we are excited to announce a new pilot program for this upcoming summer. We are partnering with executives at Akamai and Imprivata to provide security problem statements for our teams. These problem statements represent the company’s and their customers’ strategic security needs, which can be spun off as an independent startup.

What does this mean for Cybersecurity Factory?

When applying to the Cybersecurity Factory, you will have the option to apply with your own startup idea or you can elect to tackle one of these problem statements. Although we cannot release the problem statements publicly, we will discuss them with any teams under consideration.

The application process will remain the same whether your team chooses to participate in this program and selecting this option does not affect your team’s chance of admission. However, if you opt to participate in this program and we believe your team has the relevant background, your application will also be reviewed by one of our partners at Akamai and Imprivata.

Having these partnerships means that teams do not need to have a startup idea before they apply. Although we prefer that teams have an idea, it is no longer a requirement.

Finally, teams who come to Cybersecurity Factory with their own idea can still choose to participate in this program at any point in the summer.

The goal of this program is to create more ways for our teams to work on industry-relevant security issues. During the program, the team will work closely with the industry partner, and at the end of the program, they can submit a proposal to the company for funding (in addition to any other VC funding they choose to raise).

We are excited about this program as it represents another way for our program to collaborate more closely with industry. We look forward to your application! If there are any questions about this program, feel free to email us at