‘Inside Amazon’ Facebook ads surged after Teamsters union drive announced

Ads focused on company’s minimum wage policy, a company talking point when facing criticism from lawmakers & critics

Inside Amazon 2021 ads focused on the federal minimum wage campaign, with more spending in states with union drives and expansion plans.

States where company plans expansions see more Amazon Facebook ad spending

The 2021 Teamsters Facebook ads focused on elections.

Amazon spending in Alabama coincided with union drive

Universal ad transparency needed

  • Facebook only voluntarily discloses information about ads that are about “social issues, elections, and politics,” deciding which ads meet these criteria with no outside oversight;
  • Research by Cybersecurity for Democracy shows that Facebook often fails to disclose ads that meet its own criteria of what’s a social issue, elections, or politics ad;
  • Facebook has cracked down on independent research efforts to collect data from the platform, including anonymized targeting data — the criteria advertisers use to select who sees an ad.



Cybersecurity for Democracy (cybersecurityfordemocracy.org) is a research-based effort to expose online threats to our social fabric — and recommend how to counter them. We are part of the Center for Cybersecurity at NYU.

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