Enable Office 365 Email Encryption Setup

Azure Information Protection capabilities provide the Microsoft Office 365 email encryption setup to facilitate sharing of secure emails within and outside organizations.

An encrypted message can be provided by the Office 365 email encryption setup. Thus, the mail flow rules of encrypted email messages to Exchange Online PowerShell will be safeguarded from rigged outgoing messages.

Secure email

The objective of encrypted email is to sustain data confidentiality. Encryption hides the content of the message by translating it into code. It is useful when you ought to send sensitive information that other people should not be able to access.

Since email is transmitted throughout the Internet, it is subject to interception by hackers. Encryption adds a generous layer of security to guarantee that the intended recipient can only read your message.

Setting the word secure in the subject line of your email will encrypt your message. Encryption can be triggered by specifying the Encrypt operation from the Outlook Mail client or Office 365 Outlook web.

Enabling the email encryption setup

Privacy is a non-negotiable aspect of business email solutions. One of the best ways to enforce privacy is by encrypting it. One way to encrypt an email is to adjust the readable plaintext into encrypted ciphertext.

In this manner, only the intended recipient can understand the message using a private key that matches the public key used to encrypt the email.

Without the private key, the message will be unintelligible to the incomprehensible and may have been intercepted or accidentally received.

If you’re sending sensitive information, here are some of the notable features that you need to know about how to encrypt email in Office 365 email encryption setup:

  • It includes Do Not Forward and customizable Rights Management Services templates that can be used for B2B and B2C emails;
  • Encrypted email messages can be sent from Office 365 mailboxes to other users regardless of the email service provider;
  • Encryption is automated without additional expensive infrastructure.
  • The recipient’s email address can be used as the public key, thus eliminating the need for other certificates;
  • Each message in a thread can be encrypted for enhanced security.
  • Any device that can run Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac, or the web version can be used to send encrypted emails;
  • Intermediate web services or client software are not required as encrypted emails are delivered directly to recipient mailboxes;
  • Users retain significant control of the encryption process with the ability to apply their encryption keys, use rights management templates, and configure transport rules in Exchange for protecting sensitive data;
  • Policies can be framed to encrypt messages and prevent them from leaking from gateways.

Using Microsoft 365 message encryption for individual messages

For Microsoft 365 users with the feature, the Encrypt option will be visible for the message in the Options menu. Here are the two ways in which it can be enabled:

  1. Click Options>Encrypt and select the rule to apply in the Set permission on this item drop-down menu. This can also be found under Options>Permissions in Outlook 2019 and Outlook 2016.
  2. For Outlook on web users, the Encrypt option appears above the message. Users can manage permissions by selecting the Change Permissions option after encryption is done. Alternatively, it can be accessed from the bottom of the message by clicking on Encrypt.


Office 365 message encryption enables encrypted messages with their appropriate encrypted email message and can configure mail flow rules. Office message encryption is the ultimate email security form for encrypted mail.

And remember that, to take full advantage of the Office 365 email encryption setup capabilities, advanced configurations must be made using Azure Information Protection through Exchange admin center or Exchange Online PowerShell.



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