Cyber Security Academy — Summer Internships

In July 2018, three ECS students took part in an eight week work experience placements in collaboration with the Cyber Security Academy and partners DSTL and Roke. The main purpose of this is to provide our students with work experience in an industry led environment working on specific projects of interest to them.

I always say to the students think of it as an eight week job interview and get paid for it!

The types of research they were tasked with were

A ‘real world’ project that had just started which felt like real results were being produced, making an impact on the world.

I was tasked with researching and developing capabilities to add non-x86 architectures to an existing testbed for testing future concepts and tools on a virtual MoD network. This had me working with various open source virtualisation setting up VPNs and working with software defined networking concepts and solutions. I was working independently on my task but with a team that was able to provide support when needed. I was initially given a very broad task definition, and from there I worked that down to specific actions and targets to then be completed. During the placement I fed my research back to the wider project and team as informal briefings, as well as producing scripts and documentation so my research could be used in future. I came into the placement with very little networking knowledge, but was taught a multitude about tunnelling protocols, SDN, enterprise networking and how MoD networks are designed, as well as given briefings about other MoD projects that are going on at DSTL.

I am pleased to report all of the students, enjoyed their placements and would recommend the companies as employers. The experience provided them with valuable skills like working on their own, hitting deadlines, getting involved in projects, learning about the companies, other areas in particular government, cultures and requirements to work in intelligence services, NCSC, HMGCC and others. These are all valuable skills they can use, once they have completed their studies. Two of the students have been offered permanent positions.

If you would like to apply for the next round of Summer Work placements through the Cyber Security Academy the event to promote this will be 28th November 2018 - keep an eye out for more details.