Executive Summary

We have a solution to bring institutional investor capital to crypto markets via crypto asset securitisation. We offer a legitimate and simple way to acquire and manage such digital assets within the existing economic and financial framework.

Our product will open new doors for investment and is the missing link in the evolution of the crypto economy since we are removing the current barriers between old investment markets and the crypto market. Using securitisation, crypto assets become derivative financial products: Global Crypto Notes, which are legitimate and transparent from a tax and legal perspective. These crypto asset-backed derivatives can be placed on the books of an organisation, can be audited, are inheritable and offer clarity on tax impact, in addition to reducing counterparty risk for clearing and settlement of crypto assets.

Banks do not have the necessary IT infrastructure to manage private key security for Bitcoin. By converting cryptocurrencies into derivative financial products, existing constraints can be bypassed to foster instant adoption of cryptocurrencies. This will effectively lead to an influx of large pools of institutional fiat capital, which is currently prohibited from financing the blockchain revolution.

Our system will serve as an urgently needed bridge between the old and new financial systems. Crypto asset-backed derivatives also provide extra benefits and properties including: titled ownership, ability to audit by Big Four, clarity on tax impact, cybersecurity and regulatory compliance. All these features allow crypto derivatives to trade at a significant premium to the underlying crypto, and — based on comparable benchmarks — premiums can reach up to 100%. If we take the closest financial product to what we are offering (Grayscale’s Bitcoin Investment Trust) as a benchmark, shares in their fund as of early October were traded at a 85–95% premium to the price of Bitcoin.

By informing the wider community about the large arbitrage (price difference between raw and legitimised crypto) that exists on markets currently and providing anyone that wishes a way to exploit this arbitrage, we are looking to expand the crypto economy worldwide offering anyone that wishes a chance to make the most of this opportunity. This is why we are offering a pre-sale of our securitisation service priced at ~2.4% of the underlying crypto value via the initial offering of CABS tokens.

The fact that cryptocurrencies cannot be securitised without CABS means that CABS hold their own value. Their limited supply will ensure high demand. Accordingly, the supply will lessen when CABS are used to convert crypto assets into asset-backed derivatives and are subsequently burnt.

We see great benefits to using a token generating event to raise capital, not only for ourselves as members of a developing community of crypto enthusiasts, but also in helping to grow the crypto economy by facilitating major capital inflow. As such, we are looking to expand the crypto economy and help it become the mega market that it has the potential to be.

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