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CVT becomes South Korea’s overseas blockchain demonstration project, recognized by former Deputy Prime Minister Wu Ming

On September 22nd, the CyberVein Korean operations team, as a new smart city solution consultant, Attended the second lecture of “cicon (C°ICON)/INBB CEO Course 3” hosted by South Korean CEOSummit (President Park Bong-kyu) and directed by TheMarvels, and reached cooperation intentions with many top 50 companies in South Korea by market value. The areas of cooperation involve vertical industries such as smart finance, smart healthcare, and smart payment.

The fifth from right to left in the first row is Grace, the co-founder of CyberVein and the head of Korea.

As the first overseas blockchain project certified by the Korean government, CVT once again attended high-end courses

On September 22, CyberVein, as South Korea’s first overseas blockchain project recognized by the South Korean government, was once again invited to attend the second lecture of C°ICON/INBB CEO Course 3 hosted by South Korean CEO Summit and directed by The Marvels. The course has been held in South Korea for more than 20 years, and the requirements for participating are very strict. Each session only invites the CEOs of Korean companies with a quarterly net income of more than 50 billion won. This time there are nearly 30 participants which represented of large companies attended. As the chief consultant of new smart city solutions, CyberVein attends each session of the C°ICON/INBB CEO Course, and provides training and guidance for Korean government and enterprises in the smart transformation and upgrading.

KCS course scene: all senior politicians from South Korea

The day was hosted by Visiting Professor Zhu Yongxie (former Director of the Small and Medium Business Administration of Korea University), and invited the major designer of the IT revolution of the Republic of Korea, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Technology Wu Ming, to give a speech on the theme of “Dreaming of Korea in 30 Years”.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Wu Ming graduated from Gyeonggi High School and Non-commissioned Officer School. He majored in electrical engineering at Seoul University and State University of New York in Stony Brook. He has a unique resume. He entered the Blue House at the age of 40 in 1980 as an economic secretary. Less than a year later, he was promoted to the post of the deputy minister of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. He worked in the Ministry of Information and Information Technology for more than 8 years, laying the foundation for the information and communication revolution in Korea. During this period, under his plan, he carried out all the basic work required by the information society such as the development of electronic exchanges, the national telephone automation business, and the development of 4MD memory chips. He also became the protagonist of the information and communication revolution in the 1988 Olympic Games. Thanks to this, South Korea has successfully entered the knowledge society from an industrial society and has become one of the world’s IT powers.

Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Technology Wu Ming delivered speech on “Dream of Korea, 30 Years Later”

CVT has received the attention and speeches of many politicians and senior officials including former Deputy Prime Minister Wu Ming of South Korea

With its own mature smart city solutions and numerous implemented cases, CyberVein has shown and established a role model image with development prospects and strength for the Korean blockchain market, thus gaining the attention of the Korean blockchain market and becoming South Korea’s most popular overseas blockchain project, and has been paid high attention and favored by South Korean government officials and parliamentarians. Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Technology Wu Ming mentioned the CyberVein smart city solution many times during this speech.

At the same time, CyberVein, as the first overseas blockchain project participant, gave a special speech on “CyberVein DAVE New Smart City Solution”, and demonstrated the technology and results of DAVE’s four core solutions of “PISR database, DAG storage chain, distributed computing power integration, and federated learning”. The KCS organizer specially arranged for CyberVein co-sponsor Grace as the representative of CyberVein to present flowers to Wu Ming and present the smart home products jointly developed by CyberVein and Kingsoft Cloud.

CyberVein co-founder and head of Korea, Grace presented flowers and CVT smart home products to Wu Ming

After the meeting, Wu Ming also had an in-depth conversations with Grace again, specially gifted his own work to CyberVein, and said: CyberVein is the freshest and most dynamic blood in the Korean blockchain market at present, and it will be a great contribution to Korea in the next 30 years. The construction of smart cities will play an important role. I hope CyberVein will continue to make more contributions to Korea.

Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Technology Wu Ming donated a book to CyberVein and left a message

CVT has officially participated in the construction of smart cities as a Korean blockchain demonstration project

The South Korean government stated that in order to promote the application of blockchain technology in the field of public utilities and excavate excellent cases, it will then conduct in-depth cooperation with blockchain projects at home and abroad represented by CyberVein. At the same time, the CyberVein DAVE Smart City Ecological Alliance is gradually expanding in South Korea. At present, 18 local top 100 companies and government agencies in 4 cities have officially joined. Senior politicians such as the deputy mayor of Seoul, the mayor of Busan, the mayor of Sejong, and the mayor of Jeju City all cooperated with CyberVein as a blockchain demonstration project.

In addition to the recognition of senior government, more than 10 Korean companies have proposed to CyberVein, hoping to join the CyberVein DAVE smart city ecosystem. The current communication progress has entered the top-level design stage of related vertical implementation fields, and it is expected that the four major solutions of CyberVein DAVE will be applied in the fields of smart payment, smart finance, and smart government by the end of this year.

At the same time, I also take this to announce that CyberVein will be the co-sponsor to attend the 10th “World Blockchain Summit-Marvels Seoul 2020” jointly hosted by Seoul, Busan and Jeju City on October 20. “The summit is the most elegant event attended by entrepreneurs, developers, investors, and expert speakers who have led the global blockchain and AI industry so far, and it is also the only conference held regularly in South Korea.



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