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CVT Can be Stored in a Number of Wallets, Including imToken, BitKeep, HyberPay, Paytomat and TrustWallet

Issued by CyberVein, the CVT token is a medium for NFT minting and trading. It makes data an asset and can be used as incentives, credit points and big data transaction fees. So far, the token has been listed on a number of global leading cryptocurrency exchanges, such as OKEx, Bithumb, Bittrex Global, Bitns, UniSwap, MXC, Poloniex, HitBTC and BitZ.

Meanwhile, CVT is also supported by a dozen of ERC20 wallets, including imToken, Paytomat, BitKeep, HyberPay, TrustWallet, TokenPocket, Bepal, Ledger, Mathwallet, Bitpie and PayBank. By using these wallets, users can securely store and manage their CVT assets and access relevant transaction data.


imToken is one of the digital wallets with greatest user growth. It has more than 10 million global users, supports more than 30,000 tokens and has the record of attracting over 10,000 new users per day. A top choice for cryptocurrency owners, imToken will open up more channels for the circulation of CVT.


Built on blockchain technology, Bitkeep is a tool for digital asset management. It provides one-stop management of thousands of tokens, including BTC and ETH. It is also the world’s largest multi-chain wallet, supporting functions such as financing, loaning, cloud mining, Dapps, gaming and blockchain payment.


HyperPay is a multi-ecosystem digital wallet that’s safe and user-friendly. It has more than one million users, one billion USD in assets, and boasts more 300 million lifetime transfers. It can support CVT transaction in various scenarios and help CyberVein expand its global presence.


TrustWallet is a highly secure Ethereum wallet from Binance. It can be used to send, receive and store digital assets. So far, it has established relationships with several payment service providers and allows users to directly purchase crypto assets within the wallet.


TokenPocket is the largest multi-blockchain wallet built for EOS, BTC, ETH, IOST, TRX, BINANCE and BOS. TokenPocket’s hot wallets support decentralized transactions and provide one-stop solutions for users. The cold wallets can be used by CVT owners to securely manage assets.


Bepal is a blockchain security service provider. It offers BEPAL PRO, a hardware cryptocurrency wallet that provides security services, and enterprise-level security management solutions.


Ledger is a hardware wallet that offers state-of-the-art security for digital assets. It takes the lead in securing cryptocurrency assets and supports BTC, ETH and other coins. It’s software is now open source and can be accessed on Github.


Mathwallet is a multi-platform cross-chain wallet that supports 38+ public chain ecosystems such as EOS, TRX, BTC and ETH. It uses smart contract to secure the wallet. CVT users can further ensure security through face and sound recognition.


Bitpie Wallet is a multi-chain wallet dedicated to providing users with secure asset management and decentralized application services. Users of Bitpie can trade and get services whilst having 100% control of their own assets.


PayBank allows one-stop management and transaction of digital currencies by interconnecting digital currency storage, stable currency payment, exchanges, digital currency financing, loaning, social media, new media and entertainment. It is currently the world’s largest cryptocurrency wallet with relationship with Huobi Global, Binance, VISA, Mastercard and UnionPay.

PayBank now supports offline CVT payment in Korea. CyberVein will grab this opportunity and make full use of PayBank’s App, allowing users to manage and trade their assets safely and with ease.


Paytomat brings financial services that modern customers eager. From exchanging assets, to trading BEP-2 tokens or accessing dApps and games, CVT holders needs are covered in one good looking app.

Digital wallets will become main channels for CVT circulation

CyberVein attaches much importance on asset security and user experience. At this moment, we are reaching out for more asset management platforms such as AToken, mykey, Matamask, Myetherwallet, KCash and COBO, so as to provide more convenient and efficient for CVT users to store assets and freely use CVT token

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Founded in 2017, CyberVein is a global smart city operation center initiated and authorized by the Singapore CV Technology Foundation, working in the construction and development of global smart cities.

With concrete products and applications in industries, CyberVein builds efficient data value ecosystems, provides four smart city solutions through the newly developed DAVE (Data Analytics & Valuation Engine) and offers customized services for smart cities at home and abroad.

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