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CyberVein GitHub Bounty Program

To the programmers and technology enthusiasts around the world:

With the continuous advancement of the CyberVein project, there is an urgent need for greater breakthroughs and innovations at the technical level. We are looking for high-quality professional technical resources and complete big data solutions to be integrated into the CyberVein blockchain 3.0 plan.

If you understand and agree with our concept of creating value for the big data and building a new smart city, you are invited to participate in our coding bounty program. Programmers can provide information based on the four major items of CROSS, NFT, official website, PDP and the GitHub library. After the solutions and codes are tested, verified and run effectively, we will distribute rewards ranging from 100USD–400USD.


Current technological progress:

-The UI design of the CROSS platform has been completed, and a few details are being optimized;

-Users self-issued coins and smart contracts in the CROSS platform are under development;

-CyberVein’s official website is constantly being optimized, and multiple languages will be added.




CROSS is the world’s first decentralized NFT issuance & trading platform with full-category financial derivatives (CeFi+DeFi) revenue. If big data holders and producers all over the world want to conduct business in the big data sapce, CROSS can help them realize by generating the financial derivatives.


As the engine of Data value-driven, DAVE can combine a series of big data financial derivatives by itself, and hedge various financial risks through the CROSS automated algorithm. We need to realize the long-term value of data transactions through a more diverse digital artworks and big data financial derivatives and create an unprecedented big data NFT issuance & transaction ecology.

Development direction:

We will have a simple public auction contract. You can use this as a reference to create more types of auction models and produce more auction smart contracts, making our CROSS more interesting and interactive!

CROSS Auction Smart Contract

- Guide to the auction

- Solidity code and relevant documentation

- Script test

This bounty reward is 200USD equivalent CVT



NFT is a technology and transaction solution for CROSS to realize the value of big data. All NFTs issued by CROSS are voted by the community and governed together to ensure that the value of data is supported and investor-related income (50%-200% liquid asset income) is achieved. The high degree of freedom of decentralization guarantees 95% the big data business is not affected by the price of Bitcoin.


CyberVein uses NFT as a new and huge financial asset category to transfer [digital asset ownership] to the blockchain through NFT, then transfer digital content (such as big data, information materials, etc.) from the blockchain to the secondary market. Then, the huge liquidity value is released. We need more data to be activated, and big data is confirmed through NFT to maximize its value.

Development direction:

Based on the CROSS platform , the issuance and transaction mechanism of NFT should be updated. The design of NFT products with practical value and practical significance should be achieved. And with the help of technologies such as electronic signatures and certificates, the authenticity and validity of digital artworks and big data derivatives are proven to realize the traceability and data management of the NFT categories

NFT-related Game Design

- Game design and game mechanism

- Solidity code and relevant documentation

- Script test

This bounty reward is 300USD equivalent CVT

Official website:(

Introduction: is the official website dedicated to CyberVein and the most authoritative for global development. As a global brand image, it plays the role of external publicity and communication on the Internet. Any user can log on to the website to query CyberVein introduction, technology, applications, use cases, partners, token, and other related information.


The global version of the CyberVein official website is still being updated. The project has always maintained the goal of bringing long-term value to its global users, continuously improving the product system, laying a solid technical foundation, and continuing to promote network upgrades. The official website contains information of CyberVein’s technology, market, community, landing, etc., and will have information in different languages, about services, strategies, technologies, and tools.

Development direction:

The official website needs more motion graphics, icons, pictures, and other design elements. It needs to continue to bring users a smoother interactive experience through the iteration of the project, and use the interactive and imaginative way of presentation to the audience. Therefore, it is necessary for contributors to optimize and render motion pictures based on the CyberVein Vi system, and provide relevant ideas and codes so that more users who want to know CyberVein can more directly obtain the information they want.

Motion graphics of CyberVein’s official website

- Design details (position) and design logic

- Relevant demo codes

This bounty reward is 100USD equivalent CVT

PDP mechanism (Proof of Data Possession)


PDP mechanism is currently the most widely used and most mature data integrity certification mechanism in the field of distributed storage, mainly used to detect the integrity of big data files. CyberVein integrates a strict PDP detection mechanism to quickly determine whether the data on the remote node is complete, and make the data block semi-encrypted but unreadable and non-intrusive. Every step of the entire process will be written into the blockchain, tamper-proof and traceable.


The storage of data is the foundation of the database. The PDP mechanism can optimize storage problems and ensure the integrity and existence of fragmented files. It can efficiently obtain data anytime and anywhere, allowing big data to be safely audited. You need to upload or download files in the future. No longer need to run to the central server, there is no problem of information loss or tampering, file sharing can be realized and storage space can be saved.

Development direction:

CyberVein PISR database data will be backed up on the DAG storage chain. At the same time, PDP is a data integrity proof solution running on DAG to verify data integrity and security. The main modules include a p2p network protocol and hash algorithm, Storage, account management, and consensus algorithms. We will provide you with DAG-related materials and documents in the library so that you can implement DAG in combination with PDP:

Thoughts on Proof of Data Possession Scheme (PDP)

-How to combine PDP and DAG

-How to incorporate this scheme


This bounty reward is 400USD equivalent CVT


Contributors who are individuals must be aged 18 or over. Each contributor represents and undertakes to comply with all local and relevant laws. CyberVein disclaims all liability (to the fullest extent possible at law) for any liabilities that might arise.

CyberVein reserves the right to:

- request the full name and contact details of the contributor;

- request from the contributor any other information that it considers to be necessary or desirable to determine the provenance of the Contribution;

- undertake any further investigations it deems fit to determine the provenance of the Contribution;

- publicly disclose the identity of the contributor and the amount of the Contribution; and if the contributor refuses to provide any information requested by CyberVein, CyberVein may refuse and return the Contribution to the contributor at its discretion.

If you have any questions, please contact us.




CyberVein reinvents decentralized databases and the way we secure and monetize information.

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CyberVein reinvents decentralized databases and the way we secure and monetize information.

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