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CyberVein Weekly Report


Technical Progress Summary

  1. Finalized the CyberVein DAG decentralized storage system’s proof of data possession algorithm. Now users can challenge supernode to verify integrity of the data.
  2. CyberVein Storage Dapp is going to merge storage functionality and auction functionality. Users can upload their data and store into decentralized storage system through the Dapp and also join auctions of the storage spaces.

Community Performance Summary


The AMA Session With GAINS Associate on 16/09/2020 has concluded successfully. Our Business Development Manager, Christian Nunez, had the pleasure to speak with GAINS Co-founder, Alexandre Raffin, and the community members, where they asked plenty of quality questions!

For a recap of the AMA, please click here!

There will be another AMA session on 23/09/2020 with BlockElite, where the guest is CyberVein’s CMO, Pavel Jakovlev! For more information, join the CyberVein Community.



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CyberVein reinvents decentralized databases and the way we secure and monetize information.