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CyberVein Weekly Report


Technical Progress Summary

1. Resolved the bug regarding transactions mentioned last week, and refactored transaction code structure.

2. Consensus algorithm of Cybervein Integrated Database MiddleWare is based on Tendermint’s algorithm, and it is modified so that the authorities of the validators inside the chain can be dynamically assigned by the algorithm.

3. Implementation of API for ABCI, this includes ‘InitChain’, ‘CheckTx’ and ‘BeginBlock’

Community Performance Summary

Event Announcements

There will be a CVT Trading Competition on Bitbns Exchanges starting on 18th of May 2020, lasting for 7 days, ending on 24th of May 2020. The winners will split a total reward of 80,000 INR worth of CVT.

Please refer to Bitbns for rules and details!

Event Summary

Bitbns CEO Gaurav Dahake joined the CyberVein community for an AMA on 15th of May 2020, where he shared information about Bitbns Exchanges and its future plans, and also answered many questions from community members regarding some misunderstandings and Bitbns’s services.

A more detailed summary is coming soon, please stay tuned!



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