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CyberVein Weekly Report


Technical Progress Summary

  1. The complete product road-map of CyberVein Database Middleware in medical ecosystem has been settled and the related demo of the product is in development phase.
  2. The smart contract for storage of database status is under development. The smart contract is part of the plan for linking CyberVein main chain and CyberVein Database Middleware.
  3. The plan of Cybervein Hackathon is under technical audit and evaluation.

Community Performance Summary


CyberVein twitter event is currently live in Pakistan and Bangladesh!

Follow, comment, retweet or like any CyberVein tweet will result in a price!

Fore more details, please join CyberVein Pakistan Telegram Group & CyberVein Bangladesh Telegram Group for more details.

CyberVein Hackathon is under technical audit and evaluation. The hackathon will be involving people using CyberVein’s database to innovate applications in all industries.

More details will be released later. Stay tuned!!



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CyberVein reinvents decentralized databases and the way we secure and monetize information.