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CyberVein Weekly Report


Technical Progress Summary

  1. Functionalities and processes of CyberVein main chain are finalized after test phase, and all the related code are submitted to third-party organization for security audit.
  2. Design of external interaction in CyberVein integrated database middleware is confirmed. Http service will be implemented with Gin framework and RPC service will be implemented with gRPC framework.
  3. Continuing development on ABCI API. ‘CheckTx’ and ‘InitChain’ are finished and promoted to the testing phase; ‘BeginBlock’ and ‘DeliverTx’ are still in the development phase.

Community Performance Summary


CyberVein has got new t-shirts!

All CVT holders are welcomed to place orders, please direct them to Mac from the CyberVein team.

Prerequisites are to follow CyberVein’s social media, which are linked down below.



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