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CyberVein Weekly Report


Technical Progress Summary

  1. The new version of IOS and Android App of CyberVein medical ecosystem product is now in development stage. The new IOS app will be restructured with new framework.
  2. The first version of CyberVein C-Training cloud GPU platform is now online. Although it is a demo with limited GPU supplied, it is a fully functioning platform. And the second business version of the platform is planned and discussed throughout.

Community Performance Summary


CyberVein partners with Kingsoft Cloud!

Kingsoft Cloud is the holding company of Kingsoft Group and the world’s leading cloud computing service provider.

Kingsoft Cloud and CyberVein work together to lay out the data ecology. This cooperation will use federate learning encryption technology and IoT sensor technology in the development and production of a variety of “blockchain + smart home” products to provide technical support and ecology for related equipment with the support of big data analysis inside. The first batch of products will be tested in the programmer community.

CyberVein signs with Hainan Government in the development of Wenchang International Aerospace City! The team at CyberVein will use its expertise in blockchain, AI and big data technologies to develop the Smart Brain Planning and Design Institute.

The city will be China’s first aerospace cultural and tourism city and is being developed to boost development of high-end aerospace products and services to be used in Chinese space and satellite launch missions.

Also, CyberVein Brazil Community is now established! Feel free to join and have fun with us!



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