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The advantages of cryptocurrency are emerging, is CVT expected to become a safe haven for investors?

The year 2020 is destined to be extraordinary. Some people say: we are witnessing history, yet we seem to have done nothing this year. We have witnessed the circuit break of U.S. stocks time and time again; we have witnessed crude oil price plummeting and falling to negative values; we have witnessed Bitcoin price’s epic plummeting; when the global economy is volatile, we want to guarantee that our own assets are not affected, it is everyone’s top priority.

The calm in 2020 was broken by a sudden epidemic. From the beginning of this epidemic, the uncertain features of the future have become more obvious. The spread of the COVID19 epidemic has caused the global economy to experience the most serious crisis since the Great Depression. According to the World Bank’s “Global Economic Outlook” report released on June 8th, the global economy will shrink by 5.2% in 2020. This is the worst economic recession since World War II.

In this context, the financial market is like a suspenseful drama with ups and downs. U.S. stocks circuit breaked, and international oil prices went “negative” overnight. While investors witnessed a lot of history, they also began to think about the safe haven of the financial market in 2020.

In the general environment of economic downturn, the disadvantages of legal currency have become more prominent. Even the US dollar, which has always been at the top of the pyramid, can’t avoid being affected. From this point of view, legal currency has lost its qualification as a safe haven. On the contrary, the advantage of cryptocurrency as a safe-haven asset has risen, and most investors believe that cryptocurrency is the best safe haven for asset preservation.

This is a conclusion based on the natural properties of cryptocurrencies, which are mostly issued in limited quantities. The money supply is fixed and gradually decreasing over time, and no one can modify the amount of cryptocurrency at will. Therefore, not only will there be no inflation in the limited cryptocurrency world, but also through the characteristics of decentralization, attracting funds becomes a means of maintaining the value of ordinary people’s assets.

While cryptocurrency has become one of the means of capital hedging, there are still many misunderstandings, leading investors to choose cryptocurrency as a safe-haven asset, only to find traps, shouting that cryptocurrency is a “scam.” But, calm down and think carefully, did you choose the wrong “coin”?

Misunderstanding 1: Bitcoin is the most worth investing coin

Bitcoin, as the “first” of cryptocurrency, is considered by many to be the first choice for safe-haven assets. But in fact, by searching for “Bitcoin”, you will find that people’s focus on it has never been the preservation of value but the price. People pay much more attention to its currency price than to its core ideas.

Misunderstanding 2: Only look at price but not value

Some people have never regarded cryptocurrency as a safe-haven asset, but as a means of creating wealth. Many do short-term operations, thinking that buying low and selling high can achieve a rich life. Under the blessing of such a concept, they are often deceived by so-called “low-risk, high-return” false projects, entering the market in a hurry, and leaving the market in a hurry.

Seeing this, some people may ask what kind of cryptocurrency is worth investing as a safe-haven asset? This article takes CVT as a case to comprehensively explain a reliable blockchain project and its tokens.

1) Whether the founding team has disclosed its identity and whether the background is true (mainly depends on education and work experience)

It is understood that the core members of the CyberVein (CVT) are all from the UK Imperial College London, Carnegie Mellon University, Cambridge University and other internationally famous universities. The technical team has extensive database development experience and is equipped with senior blockchain engineers and brand operation officers, and internationally renowned market operation promotion team.

2) Does the problem to be solved by this currency require blockchain technology? (essentially: does it require the core concept of decentralization?)

CyberVein takes data as the core and responds to the needs of the digital economy era. CyberVein aims to provide solutions for the full life cycle of data through the four core technologies of “management, storage, analytics, and monetization”.

The decentralized storage of CyberVein is a kind of distributed storage technology. Its value proposition is strong privacy protection, low cost, data redundancy backup, open source applications and algorithms, while meeting more secure, more credible, and more controllable storage requirements, it realizes the value of data, empowers the development of the real economy, and boosts the development of the digital economy.

3) What is the relationship between the business logic of this currency and its token? (The essence is: whether the token has use value)

CVT is the Token issued by CyberVein, which serves as a transaction fee and PoC contribution reward for each major application scenario on the CyberVein public chain.

It is understood that the data development and application of CyberVein are based on the premise of data ownership confirmation, that is, to help data contributors obtain revenue (CVT) from the data they own, data users should pay the data owner (CVT) to use the data.

There are currently 7 CVT listed exchanges, namely HitBTC, Bit-Z, OKEx, Bittrex Global, Bitbns, Uniswap, and IDEX. This makes CVT more liquid, and have easier trading transactions, less price fluctuations, and higher security.

4) If this currency can be successfully launched?

In fact, the CyberVein has been implemented in many scenarios such as politics, medical care, finance, and entertainment. In terms of medical care, CyberVein used federal learning to empower artificial intelligence, conducted tests on the keratitis diagnosis system at the Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital of Zhejiang University, and implemented the “Online Medical Assistant APP” to operate in a wide range in Zhejiang, reducing the rate of medical misdiagnosis and improving medical standards. In terms of finance, CyberVein cooperated with Macau Yawen Wealth Management and Insurance to reshape financial and insurance business with data; In terms of cultural tourism, CyberVein and Fanli Hotel are leading the smart entertainment and providing customized tourism services.

To sum up, if the currency you choose is the same as the CyberVein, which can “answer” these questions, then it must be qualified as a safe-haven asset.

The digital economy and cryptocurrency are currently hotspots of global concern and will profoundly affect the future global economy and financial markets. As a value investment, the CVT market the best market to enter at this moment, the price is suitable, and the upward trend is obvious.

The reason why CVT market is worth entering is because it takes the core element of the digital economy “data” as its development direction, “blockchain technology” as its implementation path, and “CVT circulation” to create an ecological closed loop. This is not only in line with the needs of the times, but also a value trend, and the future is worth looking forward to.

Article translated from Sina Finance.

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CyberVein reinvents decentralized databases and the way we secure and monetize information.

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CyberVein reinvents decentralized databases and the way we secure and monetize information.