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Neuroscience Calisthenics

Calisthenics has dominated the fitness scene for a while now. It involves various movements performed to varying rhythms and intensity with almost no equipment. It is a kind of resistance training meant to help exercise large muscle groups.

The workout helps improve and maintain better form, builds strength, and enhances movement and flexibility as well. All of that sounds great, but you know how you can take it to the next level? Neuroscience Calisthenics.

Jean Fallacara’s Human Optimization Program combines regular calisthenics training with aspects of neuroscience such as neuroplasticity and biohacking to significantly improve the effectiveness of your workouts.

About the Human Optimization Program

According to Jean Fallacara, AKA the Cyborg, CEO, speaker, and biohacker, all great athletes know how to train their bodies. However, only exceptional athletes know to train their minds as well as their bodies to push their training to the maximum limit.

Accordingly, he has introduced the world’s first Human Optimization Program, which applies various concepts of neuroscience to a typical calisthenics’ workout.

The Workout Plan

The program induces certain neurobiological effects to strengthen your motor pathways, helping you attain mastery over a particular skill that much faster. Any training that you do will become much stronger and faster under this program.

The program utilizes theories from biohacking and neuroplasticity to help athletes achieve better and faster results. Neuroplasticity refers to the part of the brain that is continually building muscle and altering the neural pathways according to the actions and behaviors you perform and the environment you are in.

If you keep repeating a particular action, your brain will start programming itself that way, and that’s why over time, certain behaviors and habits become almost second nature for you. Similarly, biohacking involves improving your health through small “hacks” that you make use of through diet and lifestyle changes.

For instance, getting enough hours of sleep, consuming proper food, using EEG devices, etc., are all examples of biohacking that athletes can use to improve their training. Therefore, using all these concepts, Jean Fallacara and his team of calisthenics experts and professional athletes and coaches, have come up with this comprehensive Human Optimization Program.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all plan, the program is designed to be flexible and adaptable to each individuals’ preferences and needs. It accounts for individual circumstances such as any previous injuries, and everyone’s personal goals and targets.

The Meal Plan

The program isn’t limited to customized workout plans. It also offers customized meal plans for a more holistic program that can help you achieve your goals faster and in a healthy manner.

According to your goal, whether you want to trim down or bulk up, the personalized meal plans include a seven-day diet plan for the entire day. It covers everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner to snacks, and late-night meals.

Moreover, the plan has space for changes as well according to your preferences for that day. For instance, you can choose between having a vegetarian or paleo meal. The program also provides a shopping list so that you can gradually incorporate the Human Optimization Program into your lifestyle.

About Jean Fallacara

Born in France, Jean Fallacara is a famous athlete who actively participates in rock climbing, running and other sports. He discovered calisthenics later on in life and deems it as his calling. He has studied biochemistry, immunology and genetics, biotechnology, and neurosciences.

Equipped with this knowledge, he has started numerous science-technology companies. At the moment, he is the founder and CEO of Z-CSI Corporation, a multimillion-dollar enterprise, involved in producing laboratory equipment for the biomedical market.

Jean Fallacara is also the Author of the Book: Neuroscience Calisthenics: Hijack your Body Clock, In this book, Jean shares motivational stories about how he overcame ADD and powered through other tough situations throughout his life in order to help others in the same situation. The book sheds light on calisthenics and Neuroplasticity, how to use exercise to strengthen your mind, and much more.



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Jean Fallacara, Scientist- Eng. Biotechnology Athlete, Biohacker, Speaker, and EO of Z-SC1 Biomedical Author of the book: NeuroScience Calisthenics