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Cruelty-free Food

Can you tell where your last meal came from? Is it a farm or a cage?

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Its not surprising that we are don’t care where our food comes from. Purchasing our veggies, mushrooms, milk, eggs, meat are routine. So boring that one can do it subconsciously.

What I will eat in breakfast tomorrow might have been grown some hundreds of kilometres away from here, havested maybe a week back and transported here to my nearest vendor. The milk I will use for my tea, might have been taken today, packed into plastic bags and could be sitting in a truck somewhere enroute to the same vendor.
What I never worry about is if the milk I will be using was meant for someone else. Did the cow or buffalo want their milk to be taken? Isn’t it true and obvious that they wanted it to go to their young calves? So why do we have to tell ourselves this lie everyday that what we are having today has done no harm to anyone.

I think I know the reason why. When we are young, our parents decide what to feed us. They don’t have to tell us exactly what we are having. We grow into it as we age. We know we have milk everyday, we have eggs often and we also enjoy having some form of meat. We don’t question it. We have no idea where its grown and how it reaches us.

Then we grow. We start purchasing the food ourselves. The first time anyone goes to the meat market, knows how psychologically complex it is. Its a shock. You have numerous questions for self. One by one, you answer it to yourself. Remember, you are a good person. There should be a good reason why you are doing what you are doing. We keep repeating and refining these reasons over the years until we stop caring. We know these cages that chickens are transported and stored in. We have seen those hanging bodies of those that were alive a few hours ago. Surely there was pain involved.

Photo by sippakorn yamkasikorn on Unsplash

Let me assure you, we aren’t cruel person. We never chose this for us. It was the family, the people around us that normalised this. And why not? We are animals first and humans second. When a bird feeds insects to its kids, they don’t worry if the insect had pain or not. The animal world is full of predators and prey. Killing to eat is normal. But what is not normal is growing animals in cages and farms in number of millions and killing them for food. This is new.

I enjoy non vegetarian food and that has been true for most part of my age. I write this after having some tasty Chicken Biryani in lunch. So I am very much guilty of what am complaining about here. Nevertheless, I feel good about having this realisation. Maybe I will do something about this someday. Lab grown meat excites me a lot. I won’t mind paying twice or thrice of what I would normally pay, just to have food that tastes as good and doesn’t come from someone’s pain.

We as humans are blessed with choice. We have a choice to eat what we like. We have numerous ways to produce food that does no harm and yet provides us nutrition that we need. We are also creative enough to make every food taste better. Lets make that choice sometime in our life. A choice to do no harm.

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