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How to Manage Skills and Resumes in Odoo 13

Employee database management is an important aspect to be overlooked by any business organization. But the information containing the resumes and specific details of the employees are a valuable asset. Since the company can make use of them while in the appraisal process, outsourcing employees or for certain specific reasons dealing with the business of the company.

For instance, an employee of the company is a good speechwriter and has a valid certificate to prove it, if it’s stored in the database of the company. The information will be much helpful while contacting a business event where the respective employee can draft a good manners speech for the welcome address by the managing director.

This blog will provide information about

How to manage skills and resumes of the existing employees available in your company using the Odoo employee management

The Odoo platform allows the users to store the skills information and the resume of each employee in their database. The user can also manage and store them by categorizing them for easy access. The employee module in the platform allows the user to save and store all the information on the employee, their resume and important documents such as certificates, licence etc in the platform’s database.

The various skills of an employee can be categorized and customized as per the need such as languages as the type of skill and various languages being the skills the employee possess such as German, Spanish, French, etc. In case of various skills certain extracurricular skills such as playing an instrument, sports, or any artistic skills can also be measured and depicted in the skill information menu of the employee. In case of the resume details the user can also categories them as work experience, education etc or even create a customized one. The user can also provide the experience and the education details such as dates of beginning and end, is it a course or a certification, etc.

To describe the various skills and resume details the user should initially enable the skills management option available in the settings menu of the employee module. The employee module depicts and provides information of all the employees working in the company along with their contact details, personal information, emergency contact details, department to which they are assigned to, manager to whom they are assigned to, etc.

As the user tries to create or edit an existing employee he/ she can view the option to create a new entry on the resumes tab and the skills tab of the resume menu. The user can provide all the information regarding the employee if creating a new one but at instances while editing existing employee details the user can verify them.

To create or detail the resume of the employee the user can select the create a new entry icon available under the resumes menu. On selecting to create the user will be depicted with a pop-up window where the user can provide the type of entry and the display type. The type of entry can be chosen from the list available or can be created by selecting the create and edit option.

The display type can be selected from the default options available such as classic, course, and certificate. In which classic option can be used to represent experiences or achievements. While the course type can be chosen to depict the education details of the employee and the certificate type will showcase the certification programmes done by the employee. The user can also provide the start date and the end date of all the resume lines being added to the employee.

To create a type of resume line the user can always select the create and edit option available, on which the user will be redirected to the pop-up window as shown in the below image. The user can create a new type and also provide a sequence to it.



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