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Odoo e-learning is Here to Fight Learning Hurdles

E-learning or electronic learning is the process of imparting different courses with the help of the internet. E-learning has become the new normal with Covid-19, the pandemic.

As schools, colleges and universities are all operating distantly with the spread of Covid-19, all regular academic courses and certificate courses have taken the e-route to reach the learners.

Apart from regular universities and schools, even tuition centers are taking the e-way to reach out to their students. The fear of the pandemic and the concern and the safety guidelines will force the education sector to continue the e-learning process for a longer period. Moreover, the new normal will be the future model as e-learning offers convenience to the learners.

Why choose ODOO for e-learning?

A specially designed ODOO E-Learning ERP is the best tool for anyone opting for e-learning. The developers will be able to deliver the best-suited e-learning tool to the teachers or institutions by coordinating well with our clients. E-learning, which is usually considered less interactive and communicative takes an entirely different mode when the learning is carried out through ODOO e-learning ERP. With more interactive methods, features allowing the inclusion of graphics and external videos, ODOO e-learning help the teacher as well as the learner.

Learning becomes a positive experience for learners with ODOO e-learning applications. Specially designed for different groups of students, ODOO allows the course coordinators to ensure strict surveillance.

Organizing the learning modules, the possibility of using multimedia tools, regular reviews, and proper conduct of e-assessment are the highlights of the ODOO e-learning tool. Let us take a look at some of the important features of ODOO E-learning ERP.

The organized content and systemize learning process

Our ODOO E-learning ERP helps you organize the content of the e-learning course in an effective manner. It helps you arrange the modules with heads and subheads.

Marking important sessions and adding graphic details to the important modules are no big deal with ODOO E-learning ERP. Just present your need to the ODOO E-learning ERP developer and get the best-suited application for you.

A systematized learning process also helps the systematic conduct of reviews and examinations. Though the learner and the teacher do not meet every day like the regular school and college system, ODOO E-learning ERP will help you feel the bonding between the teacher and student.

Easy to embed video content

A bundle of letters crammed together in a module will not be interesting stuff for learning. Learning becomes a positive experience when learning is assisted by videos, photographs, and other multi-media tools.

ODOO E-learning ERP helps you easily embed video contents, either prepared by your institution or by external sources, for the learning purpose. The inclusion of the latest updates related to the specific course, interviews of the experts from the field, and visual assistance for absorbing each and every part of the module is sure to glue the learner to the modules.

Learning everything with the help of video footage is sure to help the learner grasp the lessons quickly. Communication between the course coordinator and the learner could also be improved with the use of videos in the module.



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