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Odoo Gamification — Underrated Feature of Odoo

You might have heard about the employee appraisals and how the employee was promoted to higher positions in organizations. These promotions are based on the employee performance in the previous term of employment in the company. Moreover, certain companies will track the operations of the employees from their time or joining and the record on them is kept throughout the operations. Moreover, the performance on certain tasks and functioning and the operation in the company and its functioning will be determined and analyzed throughout the operations.

This blog will describe Odoo gamification and how its operations will be beneficial for the company.

Odoo considered gamification as an important aspect of company operations and provided a dedicated module for the operations of it, all thanks to the modular approach to operations which has provided you with a designated module of functions to run the company operations. In addition, the gamification module of the Odoo platform is in direct integration with all other modules of operation in Odoo. Before moving into detail on the Odoo gamification let’s initially understand what is gamification.

You might know the definition of a game, which is a sport or any activity where the participants compete with each other in terms or as individuals to attain the top scores as per the regulations set on the functioning of the game. Gamification in a business is the process of injecting the aspect of competing and achievement in the business operations to promote and encourage the employees to achieve their targets and goals.

Moreover, it’s a common factor for us humans that we get addicted to the gaming aspects and are never drawn out of the competitive mind in every aspect of life. Gamification in a business will utilize these aspects to attain the company’s specified goals in operations by the employees.

Let’s now move on to understanding gamification aspects in the case of the Odoo platform.

The Odoo ERP has a dedicated module to deal with the gamification aspect of the company, which provides you with ample tools and functional options to improve the competitive spirit in the employees to attain the company-based targets. With the Odoo gamification module, you will be able to create various challenges and goals for the employees of the company. Moreover, the gamification aspects can be well useful in the sales aspects of the company providing the sales teams and the salespersons with achievable targets on various levels.

Additionally, you can define the various badges of achievement which can be used to indicate the targets and the goals achieved by the employees. Moreover, these badges can be awarded based on a project or in an executable period defined to be in operation. Furthermore, these badges which have been achieved by the employees can be successfully transformed into reward points which can be exchanged for the various products available in the company.

Although the Odoo gamification is set to encourage the employees to achieve targets it can be configured to be in operation in the company to evaluate the employees, their capabilities, and functioning in the organization towards achieving the company-specific goals. Therefore, the role of the Odoo gamification module mainly revolves around the HR operations of the company allowing the management to describe the employee-specific goals of operations that can be predefined to them. However, today the Odoo gamification feature remains one of the most underrated features and is not taken up to its full advantage in the company’s functioning.

The HR operation on analyzing the employees and the target achievement in a company should revolve around the company operations therefore the module is in direct integration with the CRM, Sales, and the Accounting module. In the CRM module, the lead and opportunity analysis can provide details on the employee performance under the gamification aspects. Additionally, the sales module will describe the sales operation of the company performed by each employee which will be depicted in the analysis under the respective employee name. You can read the following blog to have an understanding of how the Odoo gamification module can be configured to run the HR operations: How To Use Gamification In HR Processes

Furthermore, in the accounting module of the platform, the number of invoices can be analyzed to understand the sales amount generated by each employee and can be added to the gamification aspects of the platform. Moreover, you can read the following blog to understand the gamification module its configurations, and the operations in Odoo: Gamification in Odoo 13

The gamification in Odoo is one of the best features of operations which stans hand in hand with other functional features of the platform such as localization, centralized inventory and database management, modular approach to the business operations, and much more default as well as configurable features which showcases the advantages of using the Odoo ERP for the business management operations in your establishment.




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