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How to Run Delivery Business Amidst Covid 19 Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our entire lives and there is no doubt in the fact that business organizations are facing a heavy toll on their operations, profit, and sustainability. It has created the new normal situation with social distancing, face masks, sanitizers, etc making public places remain closed for, over a long period of time, these include shops, malls, cinemas, theaters, sports centers, government establishments, etc. As per the instructions by health organizations, there is no possibility of returning to the old normal i.e before corona for a long time. In this scenario, business organizations should adopt and function with new strategies to cope up with the day to day activities. There should be following the social distancing norms, disinfection methods, reducing the gathering of employees, and implementing work from home strategies.

The delivery business is the one which has been disrupted in their regular operations by the pandemic. Since the methodology of the business itself has the need to deal with the customers directly for the delivery of the products being ordered, organizations have to be at most careful while dealing with the business. Various companies have adopted the option of contactless delivery, which has been proven to be more advantageous than other methods. As most of the companies rely on Enterprise and resource planning (ERP software to manage the delivery business it would be easier to configure and coordinate the safety delivery methods amists this dreadful pandemic situation.

The Odoo one of the best ERPs available at the instance to manage the whole operations of the business from manufacturing, delivery, recruitment, HR management, sales, purchase, etc have the adaptability features to configure the new safety norms. The Odoo platform is considered as the one-stop solution to manage all the business operations of a company. With features like the ability to set up lead times, messaging alerts, eCommerce websites, customize delivery based on location, etc the Odoo platform will allow the delivery services to be operational by following the safety norms. Odoo Software is being considered as the best ERP to run any business establishment since the software operates on a single platform and the managerial functions on the various options can be valid, based on the clearances drafted by the respective companies.

This blog will discuss how to establish a safe and reliable delivery method for companies with the following attributes:

E-commerce website
Managerial Options
Delivery options
Alerts and notifications

Ecommerce Website

With the transmission form the conventional shopping methods to online platforms every company has started to develop and establish their own shopping websites and applications which provides the customer to be directly able to purchase the company products without a third party being involved. The Odoo platform allows the user to establish a new website and customize the settings and the attributes of the website. Additionally, the user can configure the various options for the online shop of the products. The guidelines of the delivery and purchase can be specified as alert messages on purchasing the products. The user can enable the online payment options along with the cash on delivery methodology. Contactless delivery options can also be configured on describing the norms of the operations to the customers on the website. The user can specify the areas on which the delivery are available based on the zip code functionality since the governmental administration might be prohibiting people from entering and leaving the containment zones or contagious localities being infected by the pandemic.

Managerial Options

The Odoo software allows the users to allocate login terminologies to the various employees in the organizations. These allow the employees with the accessibility function based on the authorization provided by the company to the settings menu to manage the business on various levels. The user can also allocate the employees to various aspects of the running of a business based on the skills, experience, and qualifications each possesses. The employee management module available in Odoo will allow the users to manage the time slots, shifts, and the location of the employee considering their conveniences. With the pandemic situation prevailing various countries have asked the companies and establishments to cut short on the employee attendances by certain percentages to prevent the widespread of the Coronavirus.

Establishing work from options for the various positions can prevent the workers from entering the offices to a certain percentage. The Odoo platform allows the user to work remotely on tasks that have been allocated and perform actions on those. The same is in case of delivery the employees can initially work for 2 weeks or so and the users can assign them to take paid leaves for 14 days to be quarantined and take rest. Management of these specific needs can be easily performed in the Odoo Software by the user.



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