GPS tracking device and its most important MUST HAVE features

GPS tracking device what is it for? A company that cannot measure its fleet capabilities is one that cannot improve upon its benchmarks. The productivity of your company’s trucks, cars, and service vehicles can be measured with today’s GPS units in order to determine factors of efficiency, risk, time management, and utilization of fuel.

Managing fleet without measuring its performance is a terrible waste of resources. The productivity of your company’s trucks, cars, and service vehicles can be measured with today’s GPS units in order to determine factors of efficiency, accident risks, time management and even utilization of fuel.

GPS Solutions

A high-quality GPS unit should do much more than simply navigate along the streets. Today, GPS units have to track statistics of performance and allow a company to distribute routes and information with the touch of a button. Contemporary GPS features that any fleet requires include:

  • Driver identification for individual activity monitoring
  • Messaging systems to communicate with and send updates to all vehicles
  • Efficiency systems that determine the route from Point A to Point B based on time, distance traveled, or fuel used
  • Tracking systems so that every vehicle can be managed in real time
  • Access to historical routes with extensive summary
  • Eco-friendly driving detection
  • Accident-risk measurement

Many companies may need to do much more than purchase half a dozen GPS units. For a larger company looking for solutions for logistics issues, the services of a freight management partner can be invaluable. US Fleet Tracking offers management and tracking services for companies through superior GPS units that can track vehicles and assets, advertising their services as tracking for only a dollar per day. Their business services provide better performance for a small company since they have a one-size-fits-all GPS unit. A larger fleet may prefer Fleetistics’ services of GPS tracking, since they have tracking units specifically designed for trucks, cars or any other commercial vehicles.

Cloud Your Car is a smart tool for monitoring and managing company cars. Thanks to its pure simplicity, ease of use and only 1-step installation process, Cloud Your Car enables small business owners to take advantage from having a GPS tracking solution in the company.

Most Important Characteristics

A company may seek to address several issues when they retain the services of a fleet management company. GPS units should be able to get a driver from one point to another, but also need to satisfy the requirements of coming in on time and in the budget, while ensuring that each statistic for success and quality can be measured for every individual vehicle or driver.

So, let’ sum up and list the functions that we at Cloud Your Car consider to be “must-haves” for any company wanting to fix the problem of money leakage and looking to invest in a fleet management system. We probably should start with the basics — the hardware.

A core feature is obviously GPS-tracking with live transmission, without any international roaming issues, working globally with a chip instead of one-provider plastic SIM card. A chip allows the device — the GPS tracker — to dynamically switch between different providers, depending on network conditions and availability of local cellular network providers. This decreases the cost related to fleet management system usage and utilization.

A second core aspect of fleet management is GPS accuracy which can be heavily improved with dual-access to both GPS and GLONASS. For those who don’t know what Glonass is, a brief explanation: GLONASS is a slightly more advanced satellite-based positioning solution, very similar to the GPS — so much so that GLONASS satellites can be used in conjunction with GPS satellites. This cooperation gives impressively more accurate object location than just GPS satellites do. GLONASS has already been introduced the the most popular smart-phones, including iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3.

Thirdly would be clear and easy to understand monthly or weekly statistics presented on a human scale. This is an obvious fleet management function that has always been left kind of “unfinished”. Developers treat it as a necessity to put in the systems to somehow present the fleet condition and results to managers. Yet, inevitably, such an attempt to include this development changes this fleet management function into something to be avoided, and something so difficult to use it is frequently ignored. So, well-prepared and thought-out analysis data and charts that present statistics are the highest priority to take care of all fleet management functions. One glance should be more than enough time to understand the fleet conditions and draw conclusions.

A fleet management system is obligated to be your company’s well informed assistant that helps draw conclusions based on gathered and combined information and advise what the best course of action is at a particular moment, creates to-do lists and guides you step by step. Let’s go a step further in fleet management functions, what about automatic taking actions? I think that this is how fleet management system should work for your business.

The next mentioned fleet management function should not be a surprise — a Smart-phone app. Wake up! If your current fleet management system does not have an iPhone app, then you have probably chosen the wrong supplier or maybe the system is just showing its age. These days it’s expected that people may be reached via the Internet, be it by phone or another way, anywhere and anytime so the same should be true of your business. A dedicated smart-phone app is one of those fleet management functions which is at the base of Maslow’s pyramid — it does not necessarily improve your life but it eliminates the drawbacks and discomfort and gives you a space to grow the business.

One should not forget about the factor that is the hardest to control and influence in spite of being perhaps the most powerful, intelligent and able-to-communicate factor that impacts your business and fleet condition — your people. Have you ever wondered how to successfully cope with your employees and motivate them to care about the business’s condition as much as you? Of course, it depends on you and your business decisions. First of all, start treating them as your team and play fair. If you are looking for a fleet management system whose greatest value is hidden tracking and spying then something has gone wrong. The fleet management function that ought to be available in a modern system is a Smartphone App for drivers. An app that would help them, advise them how to improve their driving, make fewer mistakes and improve driving efficiency which is so important for the business and the company itself.

Say “no” to complex and time consuming installation procedures, deployment and complicated ordering process including lead-time waiting for the product to be finally implemented.

Effective management is about time, money and effort. It is about efficiency so fleet management systems have to guide these principles as well. But unfortunately just a few do. Cloud Your Car starts with the idea of quick ordering, no installation and very fast implementation of the fleet management system. We can say that our best value and fleet management function is simplicity. It is just like buying on eBay or on Amazon. A company does not have to invest thousands of dollars from the very beginning. You may order 10, 5 or just one device and gradually increase the number of vehicles that are managed.

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