GPS tracking system — how to tell about it to your drivers? NO! It is not a problem anymore.

GPS tracking system implementation and the process of telling about it to drivers stopped to be an issue? Read this article to see it is not a problem anymore.

How can you tell your drivers about a GPS tracking system? This article will show that it is not a problem anymore.

Business logistics has become much more efficient in recent years due to the introduction of various fleet management solutions. Instead of having to check on your drivers manually in order to locate your company car, installing GPS tracking makes it easy. It lets you know where your company car is at any given point in time without having to take your drivers’ focus off the road. Therefore, equipping your vehicles with GPS tracking is not only convenient, but it also boosts safety and efficiency.

These are obvious advantages that GPS tracking brings to a company’s fleet management. However, there has always been one nagging problem that you had to face when you made the decision to implement GPS tracking, usually something like — “Should I tell my employees about it, or should I say nothing?”. Of course, the law will sometimes force you disclose this whether you want to or not, but the general fact is that is always a problem from a psychological point of view.

Look around, technology has changed many fields of our lives, the way we use computers, cell phones, Internet, paying habits, how we share things, how we deliver goods. So why shouldn’t it impact business and fleet management as well? What technology has brought to fleet management are better parameters, intelligent software which in some cases may replace humans and it has eliminated the problem of hiding GPS tracking devices. Now, the problem of hidden tracking systems does not exist anymore. But how is that possible?

Your employees are probably active internet users and various other examples of advanced technology and, thanks largely to this, they inherently know what is going on in the world. They care more about the job they have and the work they do, because they understand that your company’s success is also their profit. So please just stop thinking about implemented improvements in your business as a necessary evil, we don’t live in dark ages anymore.

Technology is giving you an opportunity to bring your business to the next level and follow the idea that the simplest solutions are the best. Cloud Your Car has been a pioneer, breaking rules and introducing transparency to the way you cooperate with your drivers. Cloud You Car is giving you the newest technology and opportunity to play fairly with your employees. The Plug which is designed to be directly installed in the car lighter socket, works with the driver and transmits data wirelessly to dedicated Web and Smartphone apps, to which you have uninterrupted access.

We can say that in this case it is a software — the Cloud Your Car App — that replaces the operator.

So, how you should inform employees that you are about to introduce a fleet management system to your team? The best way to introduce GPS tracking to your company without alienating your employees is to make them understand that, oh… wait … they do understand that already — the improved business efficiency is the best benefit and “selling point” for them. Saying that having a GPS tracking system will, first and foremost, improve their safety exponentially does not really influence them. It is they who drive, so it is only their consciousness and good will to be safe.

What you should explain to your employees is how the new system works and what are the consequences, if there are any. Of course, a GPS system will make their work much easier and much more efficient. With the system in place, the operator or well prepared software can instruct and alert the driver about the traffic situation, driving habits or about car issues so that they can do their job faster, better and reduce unnecessary overtime.

What should be left out of the discussion when introducing tracking are words that would make them feel restricted such as monitoring or oversight. The driver(s) shouldn’t feel that there is an overlord watching their every move. Instead, they have an advisor, a friendly hand looking out for them on the road so that they can get their job done safely and effectively.

What Cloud Your Car provides is transparency, based on a mutual agreement between a company’s employees and manager. It is about understanding and about trust. The GPS tracking device is no longer a hidden object in a car that may or might not even be there. From now on, the GPS tracking device is handed over to an employee, directly into his hand. The only thing he have to do is to plug it into a standard car cigarette lighter socket. It is as simple, as far and as clear as possible. Please note that obviously there is no feeling of lack of trust. And no feeling of spying or peeping. That is what I mean, talking about a R E V O L U T I O N of fleet management and GPS tracking solutions. A global shift from a pure tech, to a tech that serves humanity.

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