Lessons from Steve Jobs

We like (and even love) Steve Jobs’ business approach. There are 12 lessons Steve Jobs taught Guy Kawasaki (you can find the original here) The Cloud Your Car team has already gone through them and we would like to share them with you, step by step. Let’s start with two of them:

1.) Customers don’t tell you what they need.

That’s right! A few days ago our team had a serious argument about the functions of our app. It was really heated! @maniek knows that for sure

Anyway, we were wondering if it is fine to decide what is best for customers — without their input. Maybe we should have asked them directly? So we did. But you know what? They only talked about price. Values? Forget it. Honestly, if you create an innovative product don’t even try to ask customers what they need, because they are talking just about 10% of improvement. Innovative product is 10 times better, and you should know what you have to do.

2.) Experts are clueless.

We need experts, they have irreplaceable knowledge — that’s why they’re the experts! While developing @CloudYourCar we cooperate with many experts in the areas of industrial design, antenna design, electro-magnetic compatibility and mechanical design. But developing and growing the business is totally up to us. We never ask experts if our new idea of disrupting the existing business ecosystem will actually work. In the past, they always said things like “It won’t work.” or “Don’t touch it!” but the best example is the following: “All the Telematics companies do it that way because it is the only reasonable way. This is how this business has always worked and you can’t change it.”

Anyway, we admire experts if they can show us how to improve processes, make them faster and save our time.

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