TechCrunch Disrupt and WebSummit review

Last week four from our Cloud Your Car team have been at Disrupt in Berlin and later at Websummit in Dublin, sound very busy, isn’t it?

From Monday and Tuesday Anna, Patryk and Kosma have been in Berlin. On Wednesday and Thursday in Dublin with Michał. All together say that it was great to go there and meet so many inspiring business people who were interested in Cloud Your Car solution and our team. Many of them left valuable comments that inspire to further work. It was also wonderful to meet so many startups in one place, have the opportunity to talk with founders, co-founders, investors and potential users. Participating in such events is sometimes the only way to meet and confront own idea with important business people and entrepreneurs known from headlines.

Generally, the opinion among Cloud Your Car is very positive but there is also a coin reverse and personal point of view.

Anna described TechCrunch Disrupt as being focused on developing business and business networking, what was challenging and inspiring. Websummit is about startups lifestyle, fun and networking with each other. But basically it’s a great idea. Of course there is always something that could be better like bigger stands spots. It was so crowded so people were stepping each other feet, moreover we had no chairs to sit down and rest even for a while after all day standing and pitching the product. Generally, both events were organized on high level technically and essentially — people they have invited as experts.

Patryk mentioned about broken coffee machine at Disrupt, what is kind of funny because the one in Cloud Your Car office also doesn’t want to cooperate with us. Patryk was really impressed with conditions at the event: lightning, sound, acoustics, amazing and professional people that visited Cloud Your Car stand. The thing that disappointed Patryk a bit was numerous of sub-events that took place during Websummit. Generally his expectations were slightly different than occurred. Definitely, at TechCrunch Disrupt one could meet more investors and people from target businesses but Websummit was more about networking with other startups.

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Michał have been at Websummit in Dublin and as always plainly shared his opinion and described how it was. The first thing he mentioned was good food, atmosphere and stage pitches which were very well prepared, professional and worth taking part in all. He underlined his unfortunately missed Elon Muskspeech, what was important for him to listen to. What else to grumble about? Poor wifi connection, no chairs to the rest, a lot of software houses on the micro stages instead of hardware startups, too many personal pitches than products. Finally, the number of events with limited seats that required to sign up and book a seat and related to excessive mailing from Websummit. It was really hard to find the right e-mail with the ticket in it.

Kosma as always was open and direct, he underlines the importance of meeting all of these people taking part in Disrupt, to see what they are actually doing and how their idea turned to be a successful business that earns. He was impressed with conditions provided by organizators like well working wifi but also made fun of broken coffee machine and people standing in miles long queues. Kosma also mentioned an impressing talk with a guy who has understood our product way better than we do. If they switched roles, the guy would pitch as well as Kosma if not better. It’s essential when you meet someone who doesn’t need to be smashed with information to understand your startup. Being at American event in German country you expect to at least speak some German, but people communicate mostly in English. Surprisingly there were many Poles and people speaking Polish like a guy from kebab on the street or John Biggs! The event happening fast, intense and was really tiring. There was no time to see the city, except of some tram stations and roads. After the second day Kosma was on his last legs but happy and motivated.

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