Polyspectra launches first product, COR Alpha, at Activate 2017

Polyspectra founder and Cyclotron Road alumnus Raymond Weitekamp announced his company’s first commercial product — dubbed COR Alpha — on stage at Activate 2017, Cyclotron Road’s annual showcase event for investors and industry, which took place on September 28th. Based on Weitekamp’s PhD research under Nobel Laureate Bob Grubbs at Caltech and two-years of development supported by Cyclotron Road, COR Alpha is a 3d printing resin that aims to fill an unmet need for rugged polymers in the additive manufacturing market.

Raymond Weitekamp announcing COR Alpha on stage at Activate 2017

“COR Alpha took us more than five years of chemical research to develop, and Activate 2017 was the perfect opportunity for polySpectra to launch in front of a high-impact audience,” said Weitekamp. “The reception so far has been tremendous, we are excited to be working with industry partners from the Cyclotron Road ecosystem to help accelerate US innovation with our advanced materials for additive manufacturing.”

A 3d printed lattice manufactured from Polyspectra COR Alpha resin

Polyspectra, which was named one of C&E News’ 10 Startups to Watch and featured in Fortune last year, is among the first projects to launch a commercial product based on work supported by Cyclotron Road, a major milestone for the program. Stay tuned for a deeper dive into Weitekamp’s journey as a scientist-turned-entrepreneur at Cyclotron Road coming soon.