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2019 HITCON Defense: Taiwanese Hackers vs. Corporate and Government Blue Teams

HITCON Defense 2019 took place at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in Taipei, Taiwan

“There is no silver bullet that can solve every security problem. Your blue team needs to deploy several defense systems, from traditional AV and NGFW (next-generation firewall) to modern EDR and UEBA, to complete your defense … these systems are the weapons for your blue team against hackers … don’t be weaponless.”
-GD, Rakuten CERT Security Engineer

Attendees of the Corporate Security Conference

“EDR is different than an AV solution. You wouldn’t evaluate a police officer the same way you would evaluate a security camera. EDR carries out many kinds of tasks; not just one. EDR learns and evolves — just like the threats we face.”

-Wave Lo, CyCraft Security Analyst

Wave Lo, CyCraft Security Analyst
Xensor, CyCraft’s next-gen MDR endpoint security system

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