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China Implicated in Prolonged Supply Chain Attack Targeting Taiwan Financial Sector

Severe Vulnerability Uncovered in Major Taiwan Financial Software

First Attack Wave, November 2021

Second Attack Wave, February 2022

CyCraft MDR’s first detection, auto triage, and alert sent for malicious executable PresentationCache[.]exe

Attack Attribution

CyberTotal Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform Detecting APT10 Activity


Three-Day Incident Response

“CyCraft strives for human-AI collaboration in cybersecurity. All our solutions — from our dark web intelligence fusion platform, RiskINT, to our endpoint detection and response Xensor agent — are driven by our CyCraft AI Virtual Analyst as well as our team of seasoned human professionals. Not only is the security and safety of the entire CyCraft customer community and their data important to us, but so is creating a frictionless and intuitive user experience that puts all our customers’ cybersecurity concerns at ease. Our technology is complicated; our service isn’t.”
— PK Tsung, CyCraft Co-Founder & CSO

PK Tsung, CyCraft Co-Founder & CSO

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