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CyCraft Announces Results From Latest ATT&CKⓇ Evaluations

CyCraft MDR Tested Against MITRE Engenuity-Emulated Threat Group Simulations, Latest Round Includes WizardSpider and Sandworm

MITRE, the ATT&CK framework, and Cybersecurity Vendor Evaluations

Round 4

Everything Starts From Security

CyberTotal, the CyCraft AIR Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform
CyCraft Leadership (right to left): Benson Wu, CEO; Jeremy Chiu, CTO; PK Tsung, CSO

“CyCraft MDR automates investigations and alert verifications, providing SOC teams with the ground truth to an attack faster and more hands-off than existing solutions. Our fast, accurate, simple, thorough AI-driven approach to cybersecurity has led CyCraft to manage millions of endpoints from both government and enterprise customers in over a dozen countries worldwide.”

— Benson Wu, CyCraft Founder & CEO

About MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluations

About MITRE Engenuity

About CyCraft

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