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CyCraft Secures Electric Vehicles

Security by Design With Mobility in Harmony (MIH) Open EV Platform

Raising Security Concerns

  • detect and prevent cyberattacks against vehicles of the vehicle type;
  • support the monitoring capability of the vehicle manufacturer with regards to detecting threats, vulnerabilities, and cyberattacks relevant to the vehicle type;
  • provide data forensic capability to enable analyses of attempted or successful cyberattacks.

The EVKit Platform

PK Tsung, CyCraft Co-Founder and CSO

“The main difficulty in integrating Security by Design into the current design and manufacturing processes is that for decades the automotive supply chain industry has been prioritizing safety more than security when designing and manufacturing related components. The automotive supply chain has evolved into an international ecosystem that now needs cybersecurity assessment at every step in the process.”
— PK Tsung, CyCraft Co-Founder and CSO

About MIH Consortium

About CyCraft

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