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Our CyCraft AIR platform in action

The CyCraft Advantage

Prioritized Alert Severity

Actionable Reports

Our Deliverables

  • Full comprehensive storyline of all hacker activity
  • Analysis of the true root cause of the attack
  • Malicious domain, IP, URL analysis
  • List of behavior of suspicious user accounts
  • Malware analysis
  • Graphs of all affected nodes and executions
  • A plan for eradication
  • MITRE ATT&CK® mapping & much more

True Root Cause & Full Scope of Attack

How can CyCraft provide continuous forensics so fast?

  • Multi-context forensic evidence analyses: artifact, endpoint, user, & network
  • Correlation of all evidence across your entire site & with multi-source global threat intelligence
  • And additional logic modules such as UEBA, NGAV, and over 50 AI threat hunting algorithms
  • Proprietary threat intelligence
  • Automated cyber forensic procedures
  • Industry-recognized forensic analysts working with our AI platform
One way we validate your alerts is with CyberTotal, our global cyber threat intel platform.

Who are we?

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