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The Road to Ransomware Resilience, Part 2: Behavior Analysis

Understanding Active and Emerging Threats & Developing a More Effective Novel Response

Ransomware Behavior Trends

Fig. 2 — Ransomware Analyzed

Trigger Analysis

Environment Check

Fig. 3 — WastedLocker Environment Check

Atomic Execution Check

Fig. 4 — WastedLocker Atomic Execution Check
Fig. 5 — Ransomware Trigger Behavior

Idiosyncratic Checks

Evasion and Obfuscation Techniques

Conti Ransomware: API Unhooking

Fig 6 — Conti Ransomware API Unhooking

Conti Ransomware: String Obfuscation

Fig. 7 — Conti Ransomware String Obfuscation

Prometheus Ransomware: GetString

Fig. 8 — Prometheus Ransomware GetString Obfuscation
Fig. 9 — Prometheus Ransomware GetString Function Revealed
Fig. 10 — Prometheus Ransomware with Multiple GetString Functions
Fig. 11 — Prometheus Ransomware GetString Function Simplicity
Fig. 12 — Prometheus Ransomware CreateGetStringDelegate Function

Ransomware Encryption Schemes

Fig. 13 — Ransomware Encryption Schemes
Fig. 14 — Conti Ransomware’s use of ChaCha8
Fig. 15 — Prometheus Ransomware’s use of SALSA20

Encryption Optimization

The Long and Winding Road

Everything Starts From Security

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