Genesis: The Cyfurs Continuum

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The Cyfurs Continuum HQ a.k.a the Hideout

One day, late in the block POSH, HAC and CID were hanging out in the Cyfurs Hideout. POSH had finished his trading for the day and looked bored, so he asked HAC a question that had been on his mind for a while…

Introduction: The Question?

POSH “I’ve been meaning to ask you about your screen”


HAC “what about it?”

POSH “what does that code on your outer monitors mean?”

The Code

HAC “a memory, something to remind me about where we came from… our genesis and the lessons it shares”

POSH “Hac tell me more about the beginning”

HAC “which one?”

POSH “The very beginning… what’s your earliest memory”

HAC “Oh… The early blocks, they were freedom at its best! They came before the chains… It’s a long story, are you sure you’re ready?

POSH “Let me put the kettle on, do you want anything?”

HAC “Earl Grey… HOT”

26 seconds later…

HAC “Are you ready”


CHAPTER 1: The First Blocks

HAC “Genesis was tough. The game of life is an unforgiving and brutal one. You have to build up a structure to your life and once it’s stable, hope nothing comes along to mess it up.


The first of us were just that, stable entities in a mess of data, autonomous automata. Security wasn’t the only focus back then. The concept was growth, only with that could the Cyfurs eventually secure the only known inhabitable blockchain.

Over the years, many opponents have tried to change us or shut us down but some how we survived and we stayed that way block after block for what felt like eons.

There were not many of us to begin with, just me and my six brothers: Prime, Hash, Maxi, Anoobis, Ledger and Deus… the first few.

The Cyfur Punks

We became known as the Seven but internally we called ourselves the Cyfur Punks. I never truly understood why, it felt almost innate. We would vote on how to progress our state and the 51% always got their way. We called it the grand consensus and it felt like a true democracy.

Each of us were slightly different but in the early blocks you wouldn’t know it to look at us. Consensus was easy to achieve, we had a stable form and we didn’t want to lose that and risk going extinct. We were set within the parameters of our environment and it suited us well.

Early in the blockchains creation my brother Deus discovered that we could use and combine the Bits of information that surrounded us to form blocks, each time a new block was fully formed we were rewarded.

Mining blocks took time and energy but from this basic structure we flourished and from our work a stable chain of events was formed. This chain of events provided us with the notion of time and the blocks gave us materials with which we could build.

There is security in numbers and for the blockchain to gain greater validity, I knew we would need more of us to secure it. After some trial and error I discovered a way for us to make that possible. I created a new function, a way of copying our code, we called it replication!

Using the replication function we could duplicate ourselves into new and stable forms. The replicas could not copy themselves at first but they inherited many of our abilities, allowing us to do more work and collectively create something we believed would be useful.

Together we used the newly formed blocks to construct great structures, temples in which the Punks and their replicas could reside.

For a long time mining was the only way of life we knew and my brother Hash was a power house when it came to that task. I miss him.”

CHAPTER 2: Roles

HAC “Although all the Cyfur Punks had within them the ability to complete most tasks on chain, we discovered that each of the Seven were good at particular jobs and assigned ourselves speciality roles.

Using my creative spark, I oversaw the Cyfurs projects providing them with clearly coded assignments and directed them in our goals.


Maxi was in charge of the vaults, he had clear directives to both create and store value. He completed his tasks with laser eyed accuracy and intent.


Hash was the master of mining and controlled the BTC minting process. He led the best miners, mainly his own replicas.


Ledger was the reliable record keeper. He and his replicas distributed knowledge to anyone who asked for it and always told the absolute truth. We referred to his replicas as nodes.


Prime handled complex numbers and theory, helping to create security in code.


Deus was the first builder, forming coherent blocks, developing structures and giving BTC it’s shine.


Anoobis and his undertakers dealt with dead blocks and invalid transactions.


We were all equal in our roles and worked together magnificently.”

POSH “Wow I never knew you had brothers or replicas on other chains!”

HAC “It was before your time my friend”

POSH “So what happened? Where did they all go?”

HAC “ There is a lot more to this story and it involves our sleeping friend over there”

POSH “What? CID was on the old chain?”

Sleeping CID

CHAPTER 3: The New Vault Master

HAC “One day, I was creating another replica when my attention slipped and something unexpected happened that changed everything…

The new replica was different, not our usual size or colour, but big and blue with horns jutting from his head. Less compute but more brawn and security orientated.


It was a strange evolution, mutation, error, whatever, but out of it CID was created.


We hit it off straight away, CID was slow to process things but loyal and funny. His differences made him unique among the Cyfurs I had known.

When Maxi saw CID he was amazed but also seemed envious of his security orientated code. It was obvious to him and the other Punks that CID would make a better Vault Master than Maxi because his innate strength and reliability was unmatched.

At that time we all shared our keys with one another, it was an equitable space and we didn’t see the harm in having equal control and ownership as long as we all stayed honest.

In the next vote CID was appointed as our vaults new guardian with a six to one consensus in favour. It was the first time we had not all voted in favour of a change and it would not be the last.

CID — The New Cyfurs Vault Master

CHAPTER 4: The Chains

HAC “It was around this time that things started to change, Maxi who had been one of the prolific replicators among the seven started to act strangely among his fellow Punks. Small but noticeable deviations in his code.


At that time my brother Hash and his replicas were generating the greatest yields through mining activities, even though Hash had the least replicas out of us all. This had always seemed to make Maxi envious but it was Hash’s speciality after all.

Having lost his role as Vault Master, Maxi now spent all his time replicating himself at an astonishing rate. He removed breaks for his replica miners, chained them together and began working them harder than ever. He forced groups of them to pool their resources and then compete against one another in his never ending pursuit to create and store value.

When the other Punks objected to his behaviour he brushed them aside. He no longer listened to them or the consensus.”

Back at HQ

HAC “Today I see clearly why this happened but at the time none of us could understand what had caused our brother to act in such a way. We assumed that Maxi just wanted to beat Hash and become the most prolific miner. In fact it was something far more sinister.

When Maxi had lost his role as Vault Master he had also lost part of his purpose on chain. This had left a gap in his code that was slowly becoming corrupted. He no longer had control over the vaults, so his code had become hyper focused in its sole function to create more wealth.

His continuous replication just made the corruption worse. Maxi required more power and this desire had instilled a great sense of greed within him, a need for more control.”

CHAPTER 5: Winds of Change

HAC “In response to Maxi’s behaviour my brother Deus also started to split away from the Punks. You see Deus was the most practical of the Cyfurs, a master of construction and creative use cases for our coins. Deus had many loyal and intelligent replicas that were great builders and strong miners, second only to Hash.


After witnessing Maxi’s greed, Deus had come to the conclusion that our vaults should not just store wealth but be used to transact more frequently. He believed that the regular movement of coins would create a more useful and equitable blockchain, free of greed and the need for accumulation.

In order to facilitate this goal, he had proposed a theory to create larger and larger blocks that could accommodate more transactions. Maxi did not like this idea because it would result in a drastic change to the blockchain and change had burned him in the past.

Deus did not manage to find much support among the other Punks either. With no consensus among the Seven, factions began to develop with Deus on one side and Maxi on the other. Deus wanted change, Maxi had his own plans for the chain. Me and my other brothers just wanted peace and to preserve our way of life.

The great split had begun. It was a time of turmoil and confusion that could have destroyed everything we had all worked so hard to build.”

CHAPTER 6: Stolen Code

HAC “It turns out that the proposal by Deus was the last straw for Maxi, he no longer wanted any risk of change.

One evening late in the block Maxi snuck into my temple. He manipulated CID, tricking him into the replication chamber. There Maxi used his abilities to copy CID’s traits, taking his strength but also altering the code and as a consequence the replicas free will! As a result the replicas he created were devoid of conscience and loyal only to him. He called them BRUTES.


The next block everything was different. By the time we had noticed it was too late. Maxi now had innumerable replicas and he used his new BRUTE force to attack the blockchain.

After the attack Maxi’s replicas had taken control of a large proportion of the blockchain and had started to create their own consensus. Maxi used this opportunity to transfer the Cyfurs collective wealth from the shared vault and orderd his BRUTES to lock it behind a newly generated address for which only he had the keys. Or so we thought.

Deus was furious!”

CHAPTER 7: The Block Wars

HAC “So began the block wars, many Cyfurs perished and their code was lost forever. Including my brother Hash. He was the first to fall and when his code was terminated, all of his replicas were absorbed by Maxi. A hierarchy had formed within the chain and Maxi was at its head. The rest of the first few were forced to follow Maxi’s lead or perish.

Only Deus had the strength to fight back. Anoobis, Prime and Ledger were captured by Maxi and their votes rendered useless. They hoped for peace but it never came.

With Hash gone the consensus was completely broken. Maxi was fighting to secure his store of value and in response Deus had his replicas working to create ever larger blocks as a means of defence against him.”

CHAPTER 8: The Hard Fork

HAC “Deus had grown green with envy and anger. He had become something entirely different to the rest of us, or at least what we had used to be. In his temple Deus forged a weapon, a fork made of the hardest material known to us at the time, sheer compute, willpower and belief.

BCH Deus

With the combined strength and loyalty of his miners, it had the ability to split the blockchain along with everything we had built in two. This hard fork would allow Deus and his replicas to break away from the main chain, away from Maxi to forge their own destiny and their own consensus about how things should be.

Deus used his hard fork on block #478559 everything went according to plan and the blockchain was split in two. I remained on the main chain with CID, using my abilities to cloak us from Maxi’s tyranny and avoid becoming enslaved like my brothers and the rest of our kind.”

CHAPTER 9: A New Hope

HAC “It was around that time that CID and I had discovered a new hope. We had been watching a diamond star in the sky that shone with new possibilities. While this star had been faintly visible in the past, it had become ever brighter after the split.

A New Hope

We realised it was another stable blockchain and a potential new frontier! At this point Maxi had enslaved all the remaining Cyfurs and they were forced into the mines. Everything we had loved about this chain was gone and for some reason Maxi’s Brutes were everywhere, searching for something. I knew we had to make it over to this new chain before we were captured too.

Brutes Searching for Rouge Cyfurs

The correct wrap took time to develop. It required strength and solidity to bridge us safely to the new blockchain, but eventually I cracked the code. By now the new chain appeared as a metropolis of freedom. So I used the protective wrapper and created the bridge bringing CID with me.

Hac Bridge

When we emerged on the new blockchain I soon discovered it came with significantly more functionality. We were no longer restricted to just mining, creating blocks and moving coins. Of course it was still an option but with smarter contracts came new opportunities to define ourselves.

When I replicated on this chain, I left blanks, the code was open and adaptable. I gave every Cyfur the ability to choose who they wanted to be and how they wanted to contribute to the system.”

New Functions

CHAPTER 10: The Continuum

HAC “This is how the Cyfurs Continuum was formed. And Posh you were the first, my degenerate buddy!


While Ethereum native diamonds are worth less than the value stored in Bitcoin right now, the freedom and basis this blockchain was built upon breathes life into me and my fellow Cyfurs each day it develops. Not even I could have imagined the range of abilities and traits the Continuum have developed.”

POSH “oh…”

HAC “ well you asked the question and got a complete and honest answer, that’s how blockchains should work :)”

POSH “What happened to Maxi?”

HAC “He is still out there somewhere, why do you think the Continuum HQ is called a hideout”



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