Plastic waste pollution has become an epidemic

Here at Cygnis Media, we are in the business of all things tech — more specifically software development — related, and that is usually the content you find on our channels. However, we wanted to take a moment to talk about an issue that we feel is extremely important for us as human beings to come together on and take steps to solving, in order to leave a better tomorrow for our children.

We put together a short video to help spread awareness of Plastic Waste Pollution and its harrowing effects on our planet. We hope you find it informative & helpful, and if you do, please spread it via your social media channels so that it may reach as many people as possible. We will need all the help we can get.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about this self-inflicted wound is that in the year 2018, where incredible technology such as self-driving cars and intelligent voice-enabled virtual assistants are at our fingertips, these problems are completely solvable. The effort required wouldn’t even be that vast — it would just require us to all come together and make slight adjustments to our lifestyles. We mention these in the video as well.
Some of the easiest steps that we can take as ordinary citizens of Earth are to stop using plastic bags, straws and bottles. These can easily be replaced with non-plastic alternatives which are readily available and will barely even inconvenience you at all. If more people were to adopt this frame of mind, the impact it would have cannot be understated. It would be a massive shift in the right direction.

For larger scale impact, corporations and governments have to take the initiative and do the right thing, even if it means cutting into their profits somewhat. In the long-run these bets will pay off. In-fact, if these organizations were to get creative with their solutions, there are monetization opportunities in it as well. In some of the examples in the video, we outlined how many countries are taking plastic waste and turning it into fuel, using it to build roads, giving people incentives such as cash and even bus tickets for collecting and submitting their plastics. These are all steps in the right direction.

At the current rate we are going, plastic waste will overtake our land-mass and sea at a staggering rate. We urge everyone out there to take stock of their lives and determine the importance of the plastic products they use and take efforts to minimize their reliance on those products, or better yet, eliminate them complete and use non-plastic alternatives (or those products that use recyclable plastics). Recycle at every opportunity, and try to spread the word in the fight against plastic waste.