Decentralization and Education Provision


Defining and Understanding Decentralization within Education

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What Does This Mean for Education?

An Education System Without Compromise

With decentralized education practices becoming more common on an international scale in society today, there lays market potential yet to be discovered that’s begging to be disrupted. We’ve seen respectable institutions form up within the vocational sector that aims to offer a more hands-on, lower financial barrier to entry software engineering programs like Flatiron School or Lambda School. Unfortunately, these growing institutions are focused on one professional field of interest and don’t offer any other level of education outside of the adult age range. While programs like these are becoming common there is a lack of availability to developing countries, levels of education provisions are limited, and the barrier to entry, while competitive, is still a high bargain for many.

Taking on the Fight

Edduus is offering the world a new global education system. Rather than shoe-horn new technology to a centuries-old education system, we have created a new education system that takes full advantage of new technologies based upon the core principles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and personalization — a truly personalized learning ecosystem that intelligently works with each learner. Edduus’ AMM, coupled with AI and blockchain technology, guides learners interactively throughout their lifelong journey in education.

Learner Benefits

Project Brief

AMM enables a new paradigm of education where there are no institutions, just learners co-joined at a point in time around a common piece of learning. This first-of-its-kind teaching and learning system makes education individualized, engaging and affordable for everyone. In conjunction with other functional modules, AMM brings a truly interactive learning experience that allows the learners to easily follow along and take control of their learning.

Edduus’ AMM provides the world with the opportunity to dramatically redefine the very concept of equality in education: from one that goes beyond providing everyone with the same educational inputs and opportunities to one in which we all have access to a unique learning experience (and resources) based upon our individual needs.

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