Introducing Coris

A community-built Blockchain explorer for the Cosmos ecosystem

Ken | Cypher Core
Jun 3, 2019 · 2 min read

What is Coris?

Coris is Cypher Core’s very own Blockchain explorer built for supporting a diverse portfolio of PoS (Proof of Stake) based projects. Aiming to provide a gateway for the users to stay up to speed with selected networks, Coris delivers a collection of data-rich UI components to your fingertips 24/7. Released with initial support for the Cosmos Hub, Coris is planned to soon support a wide range of projects built on top of the Cosmos SDK.


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Based out of Silicon Valley, California, Cypher Core delivers industry-leading Staking services. With Grade A infrastructure support and highly competitive commissions, we aim to provide quality services at affordable rates. After being rewarded for excellent performance in “Game of Stakes” and for being a top testnet validator with IRISnet we’ve been able to translate this over with impeccable services so far on both mainnets. As we continue to build Coris into a sound multichain explorer the team will continue to expand on delivering more tools for our respected portfolio’s communities in the future. Feedback on Coris, interested in staking with us, or just want to join an awesome crypto community? Reach out to us and let’s chalk it up!

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Cypher Core

Deliver blockchain solutions to end users and employees.

Ken | Cypher Core

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COO - Blockchain enthusiast

Cypher Core

Deliver blockchain solutions to end users and employees.

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