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Cypherium <> Liquid Exchange Listing Philosophy

The ensuing DeFi craze has unequivocally placed blockchain technology at the forefront of financial innovation. All across the globe, in private and public sectors alike, major institutions are partaking in this new frenzy of digital finance; about 80% of central banks are exploring use cases involving central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), with 40% already testing proof-of-concepts. The underlying philosophy behind such development is none other than financial inclusion.

As an enterprise-focused blockchain platform, Cypherium has, since its inception, embodied the sound economic principles of DeFi. Our Hybrid Dual Chain Consensus Mechanism enables the first public and decentralized implementation of Proof of Work, providing fair compensation for miners for their work and offering decentralized services at a fraction of the cost of Ethereum. The Cypherium Virtual Machine (CVM) offers Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM) compatibility and can also be operated on mobile devices, significantly lowering the barrier to adoption. Being a Layer-1 blockchain platform further enables our commitment to decentralization by facilitating cross-chain bridges across various layer-1 blockchains, not only solving the blockchain trilemma but also providing liquidity and interoperability.

Although our work thus far may have been considered distant from much of the major developments in DeFi, our efforts have always been tethered to enabling easier access to blockchain technology for all. Decentralization stands at the core of our identity; the only difference is that we started by servicing public institutions.

We unwittingly believe that public institutions are foundational to instigating the major paradigm shift, the DeFi revolution. As an industry, we have achieved an unprecedented 2 trillion dollar market cap, with Bitcoin surpassing Visa and Samsung to become the 11th most valuable asset in the world. Our partnerships with giant conglomerates like Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Randstad, Societe Generale, and Google, along with industry pioneers like Chainlink and Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) have further strengthened our position and relevance in the industry.

With many governments around the world exploring blockchain technology and its potential to disrupt legacy financial systems, we can’t help but envision a future where regulation and policy have an impact on shaping the next phase of growth; currently, there is no clear or universally agreed regulatory body or standard. In order to foster institutionalization, we have joined hands with Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) and participated in numerous roundtable discussions with central banks, along with parties like Facebook’s Diem, Algorand, Paypal, and Mastercard to bridge the information gap for traditional financiers.

Our next stage of growth also relies heavily on the availability of our coin, CPH, being widely accessible to the general public. CPH is essential for utilizing the platform’s services and the most logical method for disseminating our coin is through a centralized exchange. But considering the sensitivities that come with working with leading government institutions, we have been prudent to select a licensed exchange that adheres to domestic and international KYC/AML laws.

As such, we are pleased to inform you that Cypherium (CPH) for the first time, will be officially listed on Japan’s first fully regulated and licensed exchange meeting the strictest safety standards by the Japan Financial Services Agency, Liquid on Oct 14, 2021.

In times of regulatory uncertainty, it is reassuring to be working with an exchange that takes regulatory compliance seriously. Liquid has applied for a license under the Payment Services Act (“PSA”) with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”). The license permit is currently under review, and in the meantime, Liquid can operate under an exemption. Despite following strict measures against money laundering and wash trading, Liquid’s focus has always been to provide best-in-class service with high-speed deposits and withdrawals. Liquid’s philosophy is much like ours, in that we strive to innovate and provide the latest trends in products and services without compromising the security of our valued assets.

Specific details pertaining to the listing will be made available soon via our official communication channels. This is a major milestone following our strategic alignment with China’s Digital Currency/Electronic Payment (DC/EP) and European Central Bank (ECB). All of our users around the world will be able to seamlessly access our token to utilize the decentralized services offered by the platform.

At Cypherium, we hope to show that blockchains can make the world faster, cheaper, and fairer all at the same time. The listing of CPH is a leap in this direction. Our goal is for all of the network stakeholders and firms small and big to grow and unlock their full potential.

About Cypherium

Cypherium is a layer 1 blockchain protocol designed to offer financial inclusion for its users whilst delivering operational efficiencies for its enterprise and institutional partners. Using a hybrid consensus mechanism, the Cypherium blockchain is designed to achieve commercial viability while preserving the characteristics of decentralization and DLT.

Cypherium’s approach to creating financial inclusion between civilians, banks, government, and enterprises begins with our DCIF (Digital Currency Interoperability Framework). The DCIF is Cypherium’s proprietary architecture for allowing any asset, including CBDCs, stable coins, and digital assets, to be received or distributed on-chain or cross-ledger.

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About Liquid Exchange

Founded in 2014, Liquid is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency-fiat exchange platforms serving millions of customers worldwide. Liquid is consistently ranked among the top 10 regulated cryptocurrency exchanges globally based on daily traded spot volume with deep BTC/JPY liquidity. Liquid is focused on providing a great user experience & world-class service levels.

Liquid’s mission is to build a secure and progressive cryptocurrency ecosystem that suits all market participants. At its core Liquid is an institutional-grade exchange that caters to the needs of blockchain projects and consumers alike with access to new markets and fiat gateways.



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