Save Farmers! How can I…?

It has been three years since I had blogged a post. Being an avid Tech blogger, there was a lot of Tech blogs posted by me in Cyphrus, but now I believe it is high time, that I start to voice out about the social problems we are experiencing in our society.

This post will not just do the talking, but I believe as a fellow human being and a dutiful citizen I need to get into some field work & action and voice out for each and every social exploitation in our nation.

It all started with the famous Jallikattu protest last month this year at Marina beach, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, the whole world watched us and finally we won the battle. I’m living in a city culture with less exposure to the importance of Agriculture, Jallikattu and Farmers, but the Jallikattu protest helped me to find my identity as a Tamizhan, what my culture is and knowledge on Farmers and Agriculture.

Knowing my culture and my pride, I was unable to tolerate the issues faced by Farmers, due to scarcity of water and their deaths following it. So I wanted to share my thoughts, ideas and experience on how to effectively support Farmers and increase farming and cultivation.

What if I jump into Agriculture?

I too had this idea, sounds great is’nt it? On the latter part of my life, I always wanted to move to a remote village where I can live peacefully and do Agriculture for survival. I had this idea in my mind till the last month before I met this tough guy, Varadha, a passionate Farmer who spends 95% of his daily life in the farm field.

Varadha, a passionate Farmer on his farm field

After discussing with him for a long time, I realized that its very tough for me to adapt a profession like Agriculture at any point of time in my life, because my physique will not support that sort of work. There are lot of factors that controls it, its not like sitting before a computer, accessing the internet, programming or clicking buttons. Agriculture requires deep understanding about climate, soil, water, crops etc over years and years. Protecting the crops from insects and animals is also a biggest challenge.

Even I can buy a few acres of land, hire people for wages, cultivate crops and harvest it, but that will not profit a Farmer at any cost. They will work only for wages and at some point of time Agriculture will perish. But that is not what I strive for.

My stand point here is, instead of me doing Agriculture, let the Farmers do it. First I find them, Second I support them and Third I change myself for the profit of them and so Agriculture survives for another couple of decades as the Farmers survives.

How can I find a Farmer?

I am a typical South Indian guy, and my plate would obviously have a variety of dishes ranging from Kootu, Poriyal, Sambhar, Rasam and so on. When I sit for my meal have I ever thought of the Farmer who has cultivated my Rice, Dhal and other food products? Can I think of finding those Farmers and thanking them? It is a mission impossible task. But I can have a way of thanking and supporting a Farmer, whom I know directly or indirectly, someone whom I know from a neighbor, a friend or even from my own town. Reaching or finding that Farmer as an individual or as a team, having a small chat with him, asking his problems, understanding his needs and lending my hand can change a lot, even his life. I believe most of you will agree with this perception of mine.

Are you willing to reach out to one?

How can I support a Farmer?

First I have to learn their problems in-order to support them. I’m interested in telling you an incident happened last month. I met Jeyachandran, a Farmer whom I knew previously. While having a conversation with him, I was able to understand what his exact need was to complete his harvest. Due to lack of rain this year there was water scarcity and he was unable to complete his harvesting. My friends and I got an idea to support him monetarily to repair his well. I’ve posted the incident in detail on my Facebook.

This was my experience in supporting a Farmer, similarly I also urge you to find a way to support them. I know many people who involve themselves in charity works, helping orphanages, community development etc, in the same way I recommend you to adopt and support a Farmer without expecting any direct benefits from them. Also I strongly record it here, that please “Do not support them for your own profit”.

I can also educate them with science and technology with respect to Agriculture and yes, financial support is required most of the times.

Are you willing to support one?

How can I change myself for the profit of Farmers?

In my day-to-day life, from what I eat to what I drink, I make sure that it is being cultivated in my own state and country. I also try to buy food products directly from the local Farmers, which yields them better profits.

I also create awareness among my friends regarding Farmers life, Agriculture and his importance, and encourage them to follow what I do. I believe that change should begin from me.

Hope this post would have been an eye opener for you guys to understand the importance of our Farmers and uphold their living. Save Farmers! Save Agriculture!
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