Cyril Beta 6 Keyboard Mapping

Cyril uses COMMAND + KEY combinations to access special functionality. Here’s a list of the keyboard commands:

  • Save buffer to file: COMMAND + S
  • Load buffer from file: COMMAND + L
  • Switch buffer: COMMAND + # (where # is a number between 1–9)
  • Toggle editor: COMMAND + a
  • Toggle fullscreen: COMMAND + f
  • Quit: COMMAND + q
  • Copy selected text to clipboard: COMMAND + c (NB: to select text hold down shift while using arrow keys)
  • Paste text from clipboard: COMMAND + v
  • Recompile and run current buffer: COMMAND + r
  • Clear buffer: COMMAND + n
  • Toggle lights: COMMAND + k
  • Show/hide cursor: COMMAND + o
  • Pause program: COMMAND + p
  • Restart (reset timers): COMMAND + e
  • Toggle post processing effects: COMMAND + z

Keyboard Bugs / Weirdness

We have an issue open on the GitHub issue about keyboard mapping. Cyril doesn’t work well when you use a keyboard layout that doesn’t match UK English. Check the issue for details. If you’re on a non-supported layout then at the moment your only option is to use an external editor, sorry! This will be fixed in the next version.

External Editor

To use an external editor simply find the source files for each text buffer in the ‘data’ folder. When you save a change to them Cyril will auto detect this and reload the program.

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