Cyril Post Processing Effects

Cyril has basic support for a few Post Processing effects, thanks to Neil Mendoza’s ofxPostProcessing. Commands in the language are provided for a few effects. Advanced users can add more by hacking the code themselves.

To activate effects press COMMAND + z. They are on by default in Cyril Beta 6. COMMAND + z toggles them on and off globally.

Each of the effects takes optional parameters. If you don’t specify any Cyril should pick sensible defaults.


You can provide an optional number for the symmetry of the effect. Animate this parameter for a nice effect. Parameter defaults to 2 if not provided.

Bloom (Blur)

Parameter defaults to 0.001953125 if not provided.

Noise Warp

The 3 (optional) parameters are speed, amplitude, frequency. If you don’t provide them they default to 0.1, 0.1, 4.


The 2 (optional) parameters define how much the screen is divided up. They default to 100 x 100.