Tell us about your research


I n this document we describe the procedure that you should follow if interested in publishing with CySE an article describing with simple words your research to the public.

As the main purpose of these articles is to get as many people as possible interested into your study, the articles should be written in a simple enough language that will be possible for a reader not familiar with your field to understand the basic idea/science behind your research.

Your article should be no more than 2 A4 pages (figures included) long and can be written either in Greek or in English.

We invite everyone (undergraduate/master/PhD student, research fellow, Lecturer etc.) who is involved in a research programme, to support our initiative by considering publishing an article with us and/or by making people aware of “Tell us about your research”.


  1. You come in contact with us either by sending us a private message or by sending us an email at expressing your interest.
  2. We send you a document with everything that needs to be completed (personal details and the actual article). You complete it and send the document back to us.
  3. We will review the article, give some feedback and send it back to you.
  4. You make any changes you believe are necessary based on our feedback and you send it back to us. You can completely ignore our feedback if you believe it is completely useless.
  5. We copy-paste your article on our account on medium and send you the draft.
  6. Once you approve it, we set a date of publication.
  7. Article gets published!