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Open Sourcing cztack — An Opinionated Terraform Framework

Ryan King
Ryan King
Sep 11, 2018 · 3 min read

CZI’s Shared Infrastructure Engineering Team

Our team works on common infrastructure tools that support work across CZI’s initiatives and beyond.

What is cztack?

One of the most powerful ways that our team can scale its impact is to build automation tools that all engineers across CZI can use, even if they’re not infrastructure specialists. Terraform makes that possible by providing a toolchain to automate the provisioning and configuration of cloud resources. The modules we’re open releasing are AWS-focused since that’s where the majority of our usage is, but there might be room to grow in the future. And if you are wondering – every CZI team and a few partners are using the modules.

What’s so special about this terraform framework?

#1. Our goal is to build a set of modules and related tools that have a cohesive design.

Although there are many, many Terraform modules available in places like the Terraform Module Registry, they all work slightly differently. Due to the different coding styles, naming conventions, and design philosophies, mixing and matching them can be difficult.

To address this, we’ve developed a single style and design philosophy for CZI infrastructure and we’re applying it in cztack via

  • secure-by-default,
  • and a consistent repository layout.

What’s Next

The current cztack modules are the first wave of many so expect more to come. With the fogg release, this is the second major tool in our infra toolbox.

Follow us here on Medium if you’d like to hear about future projects we release.

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