Adventures in Character Art

Andrew Tsai
Aug 12, 2019 · 4 min read

Hey! It’s me, Andrew, D-Cell big cheese, and also your guide in this wild, wonderful journey through the main cast of UNBEATABLE.

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Ooooo. Ahhhh. Special.

Remember this big ol’ thing here? Yeah? You can see our two main characters, Beat (with the pink hair) and Quaver (with the blue hair). Lots of things have changed, but these characters are the same. They endure. They persist.

Well. At least. Their names are the same. Their designs?


See ya.

See, in writing the deep, gripping, exciting story UNBEATABLE has, we realized these designs just didn’t vibe with what we were going for. The story is fun, poppy, aggressive, and anime as all hell.

So we made some new designs that are also fun, poppy, aggressive, and anime as all hell.

(If you got one of those old UNBEATABLE posters, treasure it well… you are in possession of a rare piece of D-CELL history.)

New Dog, New Tricks

Well with new art comes a new logo:

I think it fits the visual style of the game pretty nicely. Plus, if you go to our site, you can see the thing all animated and jazzed up…

Alright, like a tantalizing peek at the Krabby Patty’s secret formula, I’ve been holding you guys in suspense for too long. Here are the new designs.

Drum roll please…


Here is our main protagonist, Beat. She lost the jacket, the diaper bandages, and the stupid collar. In its stead, she gained… pants. I gave her a bit more of a hip-hop vibe, with the baggy pants and the sweet new kicks, that call to attention her snarky, aggressive attitude. She’s a handful and a half, bite and bark in equal measure.


Here is Quaver, a tiny little half-pint but no less important than Beat. She’s playful, carefree, and a bit naive, — and her joy is infectious through the rest of the cast. She loves the guitar — her mom was in a famous band — and likewise pushes Beat to play more music, too. Her design didn’t change that much, because she was already cute as hell. Go figure.


Oh man, we’re entering uncharted territory, here. Our first brand new character on the docket is Treble. He’s a pianist… missing his left hand? He still plays through sheer determination, but the loss of his hand set him back quite a bit. That said, it’s surprising he tries so hard in this — he can’t be bothered to do much else besides eat, sleep, and… yeah that’s about it. The only other thing he really cares about is his older twin sister…


Clef is a sporty girl, and pretty much the exact antithesis to Treble. He plays some classy piano, she plays some real aggressive drums. He hates going out, she probably photosynthesizes like Superman. She’s older than Treble by only 12 minutes, but apparently that was enough to engage her protective older sister senses: if you lay a finger on Treble, she’ll drop-kick you to Mars. Say hi to Elon for me.


Every good story has a good villain, and Rest here is ours. She’s head of the Anti-Music Police, or AMP — an unfortunate acronym for a force trying to silence bands. Of course, she isn’t evil, necessarily. She truly does care for her citizens… and music, in this world, isn’t exactly an innocent endeavor…

But hey. No spoilers.

All the designs are bold, with strong silhouettes, and they focus more on shapes than details. They’re simple, and they pop really nicely. Personally, I think they set a nice mood for the game’s current overall vibe. Plus, they’ve all got a lot of personality, if I do say so myself.

But that’s enough self-aggrandizement for now. There are plenty more characters to introduce (including 3 more villains!), but we gotta save content for down the road, right? Of course, next time we talk art, it won’t be characters — it’ll be backgrounds. Sweet sweet backgrounds. Here’s a little tease to get you thirsty for then:

Until then, adios!


We make game (singular).

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