Monthly Update #2–NOW ON ROADSHOW 2020

Hey everyone! We’re sharing our best wishes for everyone as we enter the brand new decade. 2019 was certainly quite the year for us — we began the year with our unveiling of the game back at MAGFest 2019, and through some bumpy roads are coming back to MAGFest 2020 with a renewed vision and focus for the adventure!

The story in-between is quite the trip, remind us to talk about it sometime in the future.

We’re excited about our current vision of UNBEATABLE and are gripping for a busy, exciting, and potentially (can’t be too sure just yet) good 2020! And well, we’re kicking that off by unveiling our newest version of the game at MAGFest 2020! But, you already knew that. Hell, I just said that.

Hold the phone — we’ve got the deets.


We’re back and more ambitious as ever this MAGFest! Here’s what we have on table for you at the MIVS area:

  • The game itself! Be the first in the world to play our brand new demo!
  • Merch for SALE! You’ve asked, time and time again, but we’re selling a lot of cool stuff! Keep on reading, I’ll share specifics~
  • The entire team will be there! This includes Andrew (Director/Lead Developer), TJ (Music Composer/Sound Design), Vasily (also Music Composer/Sound Design), RJ (Writer/Music Supervisor), Rachel (Vocalist), Moxie (Colorist) and me! (Producer/Level Design).


UNBEATABLE’s new demo features a original scenario where Beat and co. have to build attention (but not too much attention!) for their first show. How does this venture unfold? We’re leaving that for you to find out.

Dish some damage on mysterious enemies…

This time, we’re squarely focused on the Adventure portion of the game, but the Arcade Mode will be there and include all sorts of tracks (3 returning tracks from MAGFest 2019 that have received new mixes, and 2 new tracks), including a exclusive crossover track with fellow show-mates Anarch Entertainment: “D.C. al Coda”, the main theme for NOISZ RE:||VERSE! This song is planned only to appear at this event — so don’t miss your chance! You should also check out NOISZ RE:||VERSE here because they’re great folks, and you should also play their game and buy all of their merch at the event! I know I will.

Important changes to our set-up this time around:

  • We aim to have 4 Demo Set-ups this time around! That way, we can ensure more people will be able to play the game this time around.
  • All of our set-ups will be available 24/7! We’ll be taking more precautions to prevent game crash-ups/resetting to desktop situations, but in case the game breaks, you can contact us on Twitter and Discord (which is where we’ll be most active!)
  • The game’s main scenario will have three difficulties to select from the beginning, and every level (apart from D.C. al Coda) will have three difficulties! Some songs’ harder difficulties may prove to be brutal — attendees at past events found the songs a little easy, so we thought it’d be fun if we made things a lot more challenging. We recommend playing the game in Easy or Medium difficulty before trying the Hard Difficulties.

Upon completing the game, you can enter your high-scores into the game— doing so will also place you for a chance to win a drum-head previously used in recordings (by TJ) for the game! And the entire team will draw/sign on it for good measure too! The raffle will end Saturday evening — be sure to come by and play the game beforehand! (We’ll of course still be open all the way up until end of MAGFest on Sunday Afternoon)

You’ll be able to find us and this exciting demo at Booth #35 in the MIVS Area, which will be in EXPO HALL C!


We had people constantly begging us to sell the posters and buy merch at MAGFest 2019! You guys are crazy — we haven’t even sold the game yet! But don’t worry, I’m not saying no: we’re bringing merch to the event!

Here’s what to expect:



So I bet you weren’t expecting this, huh?

That’s right, we’re sharing a (currently) MAGFest-only exclusive physical release of UNBEATABLE: DEMO TAPES, which includes 5 of the demo’s tracks!

Here’s the track-list:

  1. Empty Diary
  2. Proper Rhythm (UPDATED MIX)
  3. Worn Out Tapes (UPDATED MIX)
  4. Homework Salad
  5. Forever Now (UPDATED MIX)

The physical CD includes original designs from game director Andrew Tsai, vocalist Rachel Lake, and colorist Moxie Riles! This is a very unique package, and definitely our favorite of the merch items on display.

All of the CDs will include download codes for the album on Bandcamp (which will go public later in January), which will include additional tracks!

The CD will be available for $10!


Snazzy — and not beholden to a raffle!

We’re excited to unveil two new artwork designs from the game’s lead developer, Andrew! And we’re also excited to let you know that they’ll be available at MAGFest 2020 as vertical 11x17 posters!

They’ll both be available for $15 each!


We don’t have new hoodies this time around (they’re expensive) but we will be wearing these shirts, including the 4 main characters from our game (you can also get it as a poster as you may have noticed). These are in low supply, so if you want one, you better act fast!

Bring it on!

They’ll be available for $25, and we’ll have them in varying sizes.

We won’t have the shirts in very high stock but we can’t gauge how fast the other stuff will run out either — if you really want these items, you should act sooner then later!!


Free. And pretty!

You guys loved them, so we’re bringing more back!

The front and back contain the designs from our posters and shirts, with the back having our social media/contact information on it! These will be available at the 4 Demo set-ups, so don’t be afraid to take one! (but not too many, please…)

So, what now?

We’re already packed and good to go! Hopefully.

This is pretty much all you need to know before the event starts! Oh, I figure I should mention but we’re totally re-a-a-g0-ahdki-akh0a0-a t-r-eaifaler on o-gda-k-aer-soo-eg-hs0pea-aeanhopsokhgsfpo

We can’t wait to be back! We hope to see you there! And if you can’t come, don’t worry, we’ll have something for you very, VERY soon!

-Jeff (UNBEATABLE Producer)



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