Jeffrey Chiao
Nov 4, 2019 · 4 min read

Hello everyone!

As some of you may have guessed, we’ve got an announcement concerning MAGFest. And yes, it’s good news!

thank god it’s good news

Anyways where was I- oh right yea — I’ll just drop this here:

We’re back.

UNBEATABLE is coming to MAGFEST 2020 (January 2nd-5th) as a part of the MIVS (MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase). That’s right, we’re back! Back to make more awesome memories, kick ass again and bring in some special surprises for attendees and fans across the world! Stay tuned for future details on where you can find us and the full extent of our plans there!

That’s the simple gist of it. But let’s get into the nitty grity of it.


So as many of you have seen, we’ve been working proudly on a new version of the game, and that will make its debut at the event!

Some of you may not recognize this current rendition of the game, but at its heart and core its still the very UNBEATABLE you enjoyed at MAGFest 2019! Except, its also in an entirely new engine and plays so much better and looks super great and everything whew you should check out how that went

Image for post
Image for post

We’re still working on the demo and its making steady progress! Andrew will be able to share more about it later as well, so stay tuned! Our monthly updates are still kicking off so we’ll have more to share as we approach ragnarok (MAGFest 2020)!

We totally didn’t skip October. That didn’t happen.

We understand that not everybody will be able to attend the event, so for those wanting to play the game, don’t fret, because we’ll have something for you around then!

Here are some of the screenshots you’ll probably see flying today when MAGFest announces the rest of the Indie Showcase later!

Image for post
Image for post
Rad Title Screen!
Image for post
Image for post
High octane rhythm gameplay!
Image for post
Image for post
Wiggle the fingers and jam the keys!
Image for post
Image for post
An early look at our level select. Ready for some band practice? 🎸

What is this…special stuff?

So we can’t talk about one of these things just yet, although some of you have been pretty good at guessing so I’m sure you’ll know what we’ll be asking y’all for come January. Ahem.

Image for post
Image for post
Remember these?!? We still have a lot of them remaining. We have to make new ones anyways 😔

One of the many things everyone has asked us about back at MAGFest 2019 was about merch, and we’re excited to let y’all know that yes, we will have our own merch at the event! I wonder what it could be :eyesemoji:

And again, if you aren’t able to attend to the event, do stay tuned, there could possibly be another way to get merch.

We’ll tell you another time. :)

Ready to rumble?

Image for post
Image for post
“I can watch this forever” — Arwyn Silva

Whatever you’re coming to MAGFest 2020 or not, the beginning of next year is going to be an exciting (and scary) time for us! And we’d love for you to join the hype train alongside the whole team!

We’ve got our Discord here to join the conversation:


And we’ve got our twitter here which is where we mostly update our stuff:

we also have a facebook but no one cares about that

Anyways, see you there! またねえ!

-Jeffrey (UNBEATABLE Producer)


We make game (singular).

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