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July 13 ~ 19, 2021 Weekly News Curation

Bank of Korea bid for CBDC project today.

While CBDC’s simulation research project conducted by BOK is drawing keen attention, companies participating in the bidding will announce the proposal today. Line Plus, Ground X, and SK C&C, which have submitted bidding proposals for the project, will announce their proposals later in the day.

Crypto Asset Exchange Discussion Led By Busan

Although Busan was designated as a blockchain regulatory freedom zone, it has been criticized as a “halfway experiment site” because there are many businesses focused on the blockchain rather than crypto assets. This time, extraordinary attention is being paid to whether it can be actualized.

FSC reports authorities to cryptocurrency operators by Sept

The Financial Services Commission has announced that crypto exchanges should set a report to authorities on cryptocurrency (crypto asset) operators until September. In the meantime, the FSC analyzed that customers will naturally flock to cryptocurrency exchanges that passed the report and hopes to cut them autonomously due to criticism of high fees.

Banks successively expands ‘Digital Asset Custody Business’

Recently, Woori Bank and NH Nonghyup Bank announced their entry into the digital asset custody business. Four out of five commercial banks (KB, Shinhan, Woori, Hana, and NH Nonghyup) have entered the digital asset custody business. The VASP reports for exchanges in September seems to have affected banks’ successive entry.

D.LAB의 모든 포스팅은 투자를 유도하거나 권장하는 것이 아니며 D.lab에 의해 행해진 투자 행위에 대하여 어떠한 책임도 지지 않는 점 참고 부탁드립니다.
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