July 26 ~ August 02, 2021 Weekly News Curation

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3 min readAug 2, 2021


[July 26] CJ OliveNetworks enters NFT market

CJ OliveNetworks signed MOU with Lambda256, a technology subsidiary of Dunamu, which operates Upbit to enter the NFT market. They will cooperate in domestic and foreign NFT businesses, media technology cooperation in the NFT platform, and NFT service businesses.

[July 28] Kimchi premium, almost down to zero percent

Bitcoin price in Korea used to be 15 million won higher than overseas, but it has fallen to the same level. The price overseas has recovered for Amazon’s entry into the cryptocurrency market. However, investors in Korea are still conservative. The ‘Kimchi Premium’ can be a typical measure of coin bubbles in Korea.

[July 28] Mr. Misang’s NFT, sold out in 27 minutes at Kakao Klip

Mr. Misang’s 999 NFTs, which were first sold at Kakao Klip, a crypto asset wallet in Kakao Talk, were sold out in 27 minutes. This is the first case of Mr. Misang’s NFT sold at ‘Klipdrops’ by Ground X, an affiliate of Kakao’s blockchain technology. Klipdrops is an NFT service that curates and distributes various digital works, including artworks and goods.

[August 2] Woori Bank, proceeds CBDC pilot project

Woori Bank operates a pilot project to prepare for the issuance of a central bank’s digital currency (CBDC) for the first time among domestic banks. It is planning to take the lead in the digital asset market, which is the future of the financial sector, as it has recently entered the cryptocurrency customization business and even proceeded for CBDC pilot projects.

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