DEAR NEIGHBORS: Don’t Even Bother

FOOTHILLS CRAFT GUILD ANNUAL SHOW—November 21 Chilhowee Park, Knoxville, TN

Dear Neighbors:
Don’t even bother heading over there to check it out. All you get to check out are the two sad fools who have to craft out in the cold. If you’re considering buying some artisanal wares, I applaud you—it’s important to engage in beauty. However, your options are limited to these two guild members. The rest of them are inside the exhibition hall.

2015 Foothills Craft Guild Fine Craft Show

On the other side of the ticket counter. Where it’s warm. Where throngs of shoppers have Ranged their Rovers from neighborhoods in West Knoxville: Sequoyah Hills, Farragut probably. People who can spend money stupid for the opportunity to spend money smart.

I’m walking back home.