October 23, 2015—Gallery 1010, Knoxville, TN

PARIS WOODHULL. johnny. Acrylic, 2015.
ELIJAH FREDRICK. the pink lady. Acrylic, 2015.

It was there. Paint was. There was a pattern a pair a prayer. DEAR DEAR in all caps meant what was said. A slit in the surface to match a fountain a. Not bothered. Not even bothered in gaming. High holiday was framing a stop in the utterance. A stuttering without pause bared both for a therapy. There breaking with casual real casual upright. Standing in front of the. GIVE US THIS DAY for making up prayers. Making up here and there here and. There the surface is plastic a piece of the action. Fairness split sitting why ask. Not owing but leave. No faith in owing but owning. Leaf is not season. A reason to fall from there up and up high up scaling. Color was there. Color was can do for the world. Can do what. No finding. Was born into leaves. Were always there with certainty. Certainly lotness and muchness. Infernal not burning, too up for the ground fires. Beauty and plenty a piece for the world all heaven and even. Fairly and beautiful even.

ELIJAH FREDRICK. we must not look. Acrylic, 2015.
PARIS WOODHULL. pattern 2. Oil, 2015.

Elijah Fredrick and Paris Woodhull are undergraduate students at UTK’s School of Art. Their collaborative exhibition,Young Religion, opened at the student-run Gallery 1010 on October 23, 2015.

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